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Muscat Arabic
Oman Rial 4,636 million
New Year (January 01), Renaissance Day (July 23), Sultan’s Birthday (November 18), Miraj, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Oman, officially the Sultanate of Oman, is situated on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. As the third largest country in the Peninsula, Oman is highly rich in petroleum and natural gas, and shines out by the importance it attaches to the tourism, in addition to its maritime activities developed thanks to its location along the Indian Ocean. The turquoise waters and vast deserts of the country appeal to a large number of travelers. Formed as a result of volcanic eruptions and accordingly called as Oman, standing for “the mother of fire”, the country offers countless activities to do; you may join the tours to ride camel, camp at the desert, have canyon walks full of adrenaline and dive in its beautiful beaches of crystal sands and deep blue water.

Take a look at the flights to Oman offered by Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged journey to Oman for embarking on an adventure exploring its utterly distinctive sides.

Flight Details

Oman flight details

Flights with Turkish Airlines to Oman take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Seeb International Airport (MCT) in the capital Muscat, within nearly five hours. Oman has a warm weather all year round by its tropical desert climate. The temperatures do not go beyond 20 degrees even in the months of summer; the country therefore stands out as a destination drawing interest four seasons, in addition to its crystal sanded beaches.

Oman offers a wide range of opportunities for its guests by its spice scented bazaars, long beaches and its warm and bright sun. The country also offers its unique festivals which arouse interest. Muscat Festival taking place in January and February every year at the capital is a highly significant event in this respect. Exhibiting the Oman’s culture and heritage via cultural and artistic activities, this festival is simply worth-seeing by its circus, and concerts welcoming both the local and the international performers. Traditional Boat Races, on the other hand, organized in January every year to celebrate the maritime traditions in the country, is another event held with huge participation in an enthusiastic atmosphere. As a country with a close relation with sea, Oman’s another attractive event is Sinbad Classic, which focuses on fishery. Within the scope of this notable event, competitors from all over the world compete with each other in deep-sea fishing.

Salalah Tourism Fest, on the other hand, which colors up the streets countrywide with various performances and cultural activities in July, is another impressive organization you would like to take part in, during your visit to Oman.

Attraction Points

Oman sightseeing and attractions

Oman’s capital Muscat along the Indian Ocean encircled by mountains is a port town attaching great importance to maritime since the first years of its establishment. Known also as the hometown of Sinbad the Sailor from the Tales of 1001 Nights, this beautiful city is the most modern and well-kept city countrywide. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the second largest mosque in the Middle East by its glorious architecture has a capacity of 20.000 people. Ranking among the top sumptuous artifacts in the city by its details and ornaments as well, this magnificent mosque is the most popular spot in the city.

Moreover, Mutrah Souq, reflecting the historic and authentic spirit of the city is another crowd-pulling site in the capital. It is certainly the most ideal place to buy souvenirs from, offering traditional costumes, jewelries and handmade ornaments. Muscat Al Jalali and Al Mirani Forts built by the Portuguese in the 16th century, together with the Royal Opera House made during the reign of Sultan Qaboos bin Said where many globally famous works are displayed, and Al Alam Palace are other noteworthy must-see spots in the capital Muscat.

Situated by the Indian Ocean, Muscat also evokes admiration by its coastal strip. You may have pleasant walks in the Corniche district to breath in the fresh sea air and watch the enchanting sunset at Riyam View Terrace offering the best landscape of Muscat Marine.

The capital does not offer a very advanced public transport. It would therefore be more advantageous to consider the option of car rental during your stay, so that you can set your own route to discover this adorable country.

The most interesting attraction in Umman is probably the Bimah Sinkhole. It is thought that this sink hole with green-blue water has been formed as a result of a meteor fall. Nevertheless, some locals believe that this place has been created by the aliens, due to its extraterrestrial beauty.

Oman is extremely remarkable also for its beaches. The city of Sur is simply a holiday paradise by its beige lighthouse, chalk white houses right behind, vast sands and luxury hotels. Another reason behind the popularity of the beaches of Sur is that they are home to Caretta Carettas. Thousands of tourists come to Sur every year to see the giant turtles and accommodate in the bungalow houses or hotels close to the seaside.

One side of Oman is deep blue at the coast of Indian Ocean, whereas the other side hosts vast deserts. Make sure to try safari and watch the beautiful sunset at these deserts. You may also try the traditional tastes and watch the traditional dance shows at the camps in desert. You are very likely to encounter Bedouins in the desert as well.

Book your flight to Muscat without delay to set your plan in advance for enjoying a mystical vacation in the colorful Oman and explore the utterly different charms promised by this lovely country.

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