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Flights to Panama

Panama Spanish
Panama Balboa, US Dollar 4,099 million
New Year (January 01), Martyrs’ Day (January 09), Carnival (February), Mardi Gras (February), Good Friday, Easter, Labor Day (May 01), Independence Day (November 03), Flag Day (November 04), Christmas (December 25)

Situated at the crossroads of Northern and Southern America, Panama is one of the most exotic destinations of Central America by its capital with the same name. Although it is mostly cited with the Panama Canal connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean, the country also remarkable for its deep blue sea and untouched nature is among the rare destinations to enjoy both the Caribbean Sea and northern Pacific Ocean. As a country with a tropical climate, Panama appeals to a large number of tourists every year by its crystal sands and virgin forests, as well as its active volcanos, cities full of both skyscrapers and ancient city walls, and its glorious artifacts.

Take a look at the flights to Panama now, if you are also interested in visiting the most colorful and exotic country in the heart of American continent, and enjoy a privileged journey with Turkish Airlines to these magical lands for exploring the splendid islands and cobblestoned streets.

Flight Details

Panama flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to two different destinations in Panama: Panama City and David. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in the capital take nearly 17 hours and thirty minutes. Flights to Enrique Malek International Airport (DAV) in David, another city in Panama, are operated as connecting over Tocumen International Airport (PTY).

Panama is in high demand all year round thanks to its tropical climate and warm weather at all seasons. As an ideal destination four seasons for those running away from cold or looking for an exotic plan for summer, Panama manages to arouse interest also by its colorful culture and entertaining festivals. Chiriqui Flower and Coffee Festival, is one of the most entertaining events taking place countrywide. Held in January every year in Boquete city, the festival lasts for 10 days, offering an enthralling atmosphere by the smell and view of the blossoming flowers. Remarkable for its coffee, the city of Boquete hosts another significant event; Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival. Organized in March every year, the festival provides a chance to listen to the famous performers accompanied by the smell of fresh coffee.

The most long-running and colorful event is certainly the Carnival where Mardi Gras is celebrated. The distinctive side of this festival is that it offers a different theme each day. Starting with a grand opening party, the Carnival takes place 40 days prior to the Easter. The Carnival is celebrated with huge enthusiasm especially in the capital Panama and Las Tablas. Sobresaltos Dance Festival in December at all streets of the capital is a great chance to get to know the country’s local music and dances, whereas Bocas Del Toro Sea Festival celebrating the fishery traditions of the archipelagos in Bocas beaches in September ranks among the top delightful events you would like to join during your visit to Panama.

It would be recommendable to set your travel plan in advance to enjoy fully the untouched nature, tranquil beaches and vibrant festivals of beautiful Panama, taking into account that the country is in high demand all year round.

Attraction Points

Panama sightseeing and attractions

The capital Panama City is truly a tropical paradise by its pretty narrow cobblestoned streets, numerous beaches along the coast and its stunning museums. As the country’s largest city, Panama hosts many attractions, including the historic district Casco Viejo, which generally is the first stop of the tourists in the capital. The district declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO is extremely significant as it is the first permanent settlement on the Pacific Ocean. Panama also satisfies the art lovers; Panama Museum of Modern Arts, the sole museum of contemporary art countrywide is a crowd-pulling spot where you can see the most valuable works of art of Panama and Latin America.

After visiting the capital, your next route should definitely be Panama Canal. Connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean, the canal is the largest artifactual watercourse. As one of the most important spots in the region strategically, Panama Canal was built by the USA in 1914. As an engineering marvel and the world’s most expensive canal extending over 77 kilometers, the canal has eased the maritime commerce and transportation. You may join the boat tours to Panama Canal and have a chance to see closer one of the most primary spots worldwide.

Shining out also by its breathtaking nature, Panama hosts numerous national parks. Metropolitan National Park, which is ten minutes drive away from the capital, is an outstanding destination offering stunning natural landscapes as home to many bird species, butterflies, small mammals and reptiles. Another touristic spot would be the Chagres National Park, hosting the tropical rainforests, together with Gatun Lake and Chagres River. It is possible to rent a car during your stay to see all these destinations close to the capital and expand your route to visit more than one city.

In addition to its glorious artifacts and peerless natural gems, Panama also hosts breathtaking beaches, which are many tourists’ favorite. Along with the capital Panama where you can find many beaches along the sea, there are also a large number of islands around the country, promising wonderful opportunities for a perfect vacation. Causeway Islands in the Pacific side of Panama Canal, consisting of four islets named Naos, Cluebra, Perico and Flamenco is a joyful holiday destination with its brilliant coasts, as well as a wide range of ports, restaurants and museums to visit.

Opened for settlement in 1903, Bocas del Toro, on the other hand, captivates every visitor by its crystal sands and turquoise water, whereas Bastimenos Island famous for its Playa Larga beach extending over nearly seven kilometers as home to sea turtles promises a dreamlike holiday.

David in the western part of the country is getting more and more popular each passing day, as the third largest city in Panama. You may easily reach the city of Boquete, famous for its coffee and festivals, through the city of David. The Lost Waterfalls here is a worth-seeing natural marvel, enchanting by its legendary beauty and breathtaking landscape. You may visit David also to enjoy sunbathing in La Barquete Beach hosting sea turtles or to witness the history by visiting the historical buildings remaining from the colonial period in the city center.

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