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Flights to Poland

Warsaw Polish
Polish Zloty 37,95 million
New Year (December 31, January 01), Epiphany (January 06), Easter (April 21), Labor Day (May 01), National Flag Day (May 02), Constitution Day (May 03), Corpus Christi (May 31), Polish Armed Forces Day (August 15), All Saints’ Day (November 01), Independence Day (November 11), Christmas (December 24, 25, 26)

As a prominent agricultural land, Poland is located in Central Europe along the Baltic Sea. The country, where the majority of the area is green spaces, hosts a large number of lakes and more than 20 national parks. Poland stands out as a significant destination for the history fanciers, as a home to Auschwitz Concentration Camp, lingering strongly in everyone’s memory.

Even though it had witnessed a huge destruction and suffering, Poland has managed to preserve its valuable historical artifacts until today and serves presently as a touristic destination high in demand all the time. Shining out by its agricultural and organic farming activities, as well as nature events, Poland occupies a highly important place in Europe, both economically, culturally and educationally.

Book your flight to Poland without delay with Turkish Airlines now to see closely all these natural gems and witness all the details of its historic fabric.

Flight Details

Poland flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to four different destinations in Poland: Gdańsk, Krakow, Poznan and Warsaw. Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to Poland’s capital Warsaw. Flights taking off from Istanbul Airport (IST) land at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport (WAW) within nearly two and a half hours.

As the busiest airport in the country, Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport (WAW) serves to 11 million passengers in a year. Krakow II. John Paul International Airport (KRK) ranks number two in the busiest airports countrywide with its annual number of 4,2 million passengers. Lech Walesa Airport (GDN) in Gdańsk is the third busiest airport in Poland serving to 3,7 million passengers per year, and followed by Lawica Airport (POZ) in Poznan, reaching the annual number of 1,5 million passengers.

Air traffic in the country gets busier during the vigorous festival and expo seasons. Among these festivals, Heineken Open’er Festival held in June attracts considerable number of visitors also from abroad, offering numerous events in many branches like music, movies, fashion and theater. Audioriver Festival, on the other hand, is another crowd-pulling event held on the banks of Vistula River, arousing interest as the most remarkable organization in the country. Krakow Coke Festival is among the largest music events held in Poland; whereas the OFF Festival taking place every July in Three Lake Valley remains under the spotlight worldwide. Tauron New Music Festival held in August in the same region is another popular event taking place countrywide. Bialystok Up to Date and Sacrum Profanum in September, along with Bolkow Castle Party Festival in July, Warsaw International Film Festival and Poster Biennale in October rank among the other remarkable events of Poland.

The country is flooded by even more visitors during these events. It would therefore be advantageous to set your travel plan promptly if you also wish to visit Poland during these colorful events.

Attraction Points

Poland sightseeing and attractions

Poland’s capital Warsaw serves as an outstanding tourist destination as well. Palace of Culture and Science, Old Town district, Barbican, Sigismund's Column, Historical Museum of Warsaw, Royal Castle, Frederic Chopin Museum, Lazienki Park, Wilanow Palace, Warsaw Uprising Museum, National Museum of Warsaw, St. John’s Cathedral, Jewish Cemetery and Belvedere Palace rank among the top attractive spots in the capital.

As one of the dynamic cities in the country, Krakow serves as an appealing destination for foreign tourists. The Main Square in the Old Town offers an utterly authentic atmosphere with its Baroque and Gothic buildings. Krakow is simply enthralling by its St. Mary's Basilica, Wawel Castle, Florianska Street, Vistula River, Salt Mine, Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp and the Kazimierz district.

Gdansk is another significant Polish metropolis which is in high demand all year round. The city with a magical aura is an extremely popular destination by its splendid beaches along the Baltic Sea and its glorious buildings and delightful squares in the center. The Long Market, Golden Gate, Oliwa Cathedral, National Museum, Artus Court Museum, St. Mary’s Church are only a few of the many attraction spots in Gdansk.

Situated on the banks of Warta River, Poznan is an impressive city with a deep-rooted history dating back to the Renaissance period. Although it was entirely damaged during the World War II, the city has progressed industrially and risen from the ashes, serving today as a center for culture, tourism and finance… Cathedral Island as well as the Poznan Cathedral it is a home to, are regarded as the city’s icons. Poznan City Hall, The Imperial Castle, Museum of Archeology, Parish Church and the Zoo shine out as other must-see destinations the city harbors.

You may have a chance to see multiple destinations rather than a single one during your visit to Poland. The transportation network serving in the city provides convenience in transporting between the cities. It is possible to use domestic flights, railway or bus services to reach any destination within the country. If you are interested in a more comfortable option, you may also consider the car rental alternatives.

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