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Flights to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Arabic
Saudi Riyal 32,94 million
Independence Day (June 23), National Day (September 23), Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed (November 21), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

As the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most visited destinations worldwide, known as the birthplace of Islam. Being in high demand all year round by the visits to Mecca and Medina, the holiest cities of Islam, the country succeeds in attracting its guests with its other cities as well. The capital Riyadh, aiming to be the heart of Middle East by its giant skyscrapers rising in the middle of a vast desert, together with the shining and elegant Jeddah along the Red Sea, and Dammam, drawing attention by its location by the Persian Gulf, are only few of the worth-seeing Arabian cities.

Take a look at the flights to Saudi Arabia with Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged flight for setting out on a spiritual journey.

Flight Details

Saudi Arabia flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to seven different destinations in Saudi Arabia: Al-Qassim, Dammam, Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh, Ta’if and Yanbu. Direct flights taking off from Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) or Istanbul Airport (IST) land at King Khalid International Airport (RUH) in the capital Riyadh within nearly four hours. Flights to King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) in Jeddah take nearly four hours as well. Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport (MED) in Medina, is the busiest and most populous airport countrywide. Flights with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Medina take three hours and thirty minutes in average.

Flights to Saudi Arabia are in demand all year round, both by those wishing to fulfill their religious duties and learn about the country’s culture and history on site. As a country with desert climate in general, the most ideal time to visit Saudi Arabia would be the months of winter. Nevertheless, the country remains under the spotlight throughout the year, rather than only wintertime. The air traffic in the country is always busy, especially with the effect of those wishing to fulfill their religious duties in the holy lands.

Moreover, the reason behind Saudi Arabia’s popularity is not only the holy cities. The country manages to bring in tourists by its festivals attracting the fanciers as well. Janadriyah National Festival held in February is known as one of the most attention-grabbing events countrywide. As the country’s largest cultural festival, Janadriyah is also the sole non-religious festival in Saudi Arabia. The festival, which gathers together various events like horse and camel races, exhibitions of local artists and the poem readings by the most talented poets in the country, would be a significant chance to witness the Saudi Arabian culture.

Nevertheless, the most touristic festival of Saudi Arabia is the Jeddah Summer Festival. Held between June and July every year, the festival offers numerous attractions like the palatable tastes of local cuisine, souvenirs made of traditional hand workmanship and fascinating firework shows in the opening.

If you are planning a visit to Saudi Arabia, it would be advisable to turn your travel into an opportunity for getting to know the country better, paying regard to the dates of these festivals while setting your plan.

Attraction Points

Saudi Arabia sightseeing and attractions

As a country ruled by Sharia laws, you should inure yourself to the country’s conditions so as to have a comfortable travel in Saudi Arabia. After complying with the certain conditions, you may start enjoying the worth-seeing historical spots in the country.

The capital Riyadh is the most populous city countrywide with its population of six million inhabitants. Riyadh serves as a large financial hub as well, by its giant skyscrapers rising to the sky. The glorious Kingdom Centre as the city’s icon is simply eye-catching by all its brilliance. This 99-storey skyscraper invites you to witness an enthralling view overlooking the city of Riyadh from the observation terrace at the top. As a perfectly planned city by its broad boulevards and well-kept buildings, Riyadh hosts attractive historic artifacts as well, including the Masmak Fort. Make sure to visit this fortress having an important place in the kingdom’s history, as well as the museum serving inside. The National Museum of Saudi Arabia providing an insight into the pre-Islamic history by its spectacular architecture, and The Royal Saudi Air Force Museum exhibiting the planes used from 1920s are other remarkable spots in the city.

Jeddah along the Red Sea is another outstanding city countrywide. The city, where you can witness the sunsets of peerless beauty, is the country’s most luxurious destination at the same time. As the most metropolitan city countrywide, Jeddah promises an utterly different stay by its squares with huge statues, university students and foreign employees.

Although there are numerous destinations to visit in Saudi Arabia, the biggest tourist attraction is the holy cities Mecca and Medina. Millions of believer influx Mecca each year to fulfill their duty of pilgrimage, as one of the five pillars of Islam. Kaaba and Al-Haram Mosque here is certainly the most significant sacred locations of the city. In addition to Kaaba, which is regarded as the holiest spot for Islamic world, the Cemetery of Ma'la, the place where Prophet Mohammed’s wife and children are buried, and the Jabal an-Nour Mountain and its cave, where the Prophet Mohammed and Abu Bakr said to have hidden during their journeys to Medina, are other landmarks which should definitely be seen.

As a couple of hours drive away from Mecca, Medina is referred to as “The City of Prophet” and ranks among the top visited holy destinations together with Mecca. It is possible to renting a car to ensure a smooth transport between these two holy cities, as well as reaching easily other destinations countrywide throughout your stay.

There are countless spots waiting to be discovered in Medina with the best models of Islamic architecture and the holy historical attractions. The Prophet’s Mosque, established and originally built by the Islamic prophet Mohammed after the hegira, Rawdah al-Mutaharah including the stand Prophet read the Friday Khutba, together with the Seven Mosques and the Jannat al-Baqi are only few must-see sacred spots in the city. If you are also looking forward to visiting these holiest lands of Islam, Mecca and Medina, it would be recommendable to set your plan without delay, taking into consideration the high demand to the cities.

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