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Flights to Sierra Leone

Freetown English
Leone 7,5 million
New Year (January 01), Easter (April), Independence Day (April 27), Christmas (December 25-26), Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Situated in West Africa, Sierra Leone is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Guinea to the northeast and Liberia to the southeast. Named by the Portugueses as Serra Leoa, Portuguese for “Lioness Mountains” since there are a large number of lions in the country; Sierra Leone invites you to experience the wildlife in Africa in an extremely enthralling way. Although Sierra Leone gained independence in 1961 after the long years of British colonization, it has just been offered to tourism due to its unsteady background. Nevertheless, the country forges ahead as a popular holiday destination by its untouched natural charms.

Take a look at the flight tickets offered by Turkish Airlines now to set your plan and enjoy a pleasant and privileged journey to explore the beautiful Sierra Leone by its deep blue sea, long beaches and impressive cities on the west coast.

Flight Details

Sierra Leone flight details

Flights to Sierra Leone with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Lungi International Airport (FNA) in the capital Freetown within nearly 10 hours. As a country with a tropical climate, the temperature does not go below in any season throughout the year in Sierra Leone.

You may plan your trip to this fascinating land in line with the dates of the outstanding festivals taking place countrywide. Tangains Festival would be an ideal choice to observe closer the unique culture of Sierra Leone. Held in December every year, the festival is organized in an enthusiastic atmosphere accompanied by the dance shows with traditional costumes and the palatable tastes of local cuisine, offering a chance to meet the locals remarkable for their friendliness.

Ballanta Music Festival held in March every year lasts for two weeks by the participation of both local and international musicians. You may listen to any kind of music genres in this festival and gain insight into the traditional melodies of Sierra Leone. Another attention-grabbing festival would be Sierra Leone International Film Festival in March, held with huge enthusiasm especially in the capital Freetown spreading country-wide, which is regarded as the largest art event in the country. In addition to movie screenings organized all over the country, particularly in Bo, Makeni, Konu and Kenema cities, the festival takes place also by various seminars and conferences, all drawing considerable interest.

Doubtlessly, Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon is the top popular event countrywide. Held in the city of Makeni every year in June 09, the marathon takes place for the welfare of the Society for the Abandoned Children. You may consider donating to the society by joining the running marathon.

Attraction Points

Sierra Leone sightseeing and attractions

The capital Freetown ranks among the top impressive cities in Africa. As a city which has become one of the most significant tourism centers in the continent by its deep blue seas like Lumley and Lakka, Freetown hosts many attractions to visit. National Museum of Sierra Leone, providing an insight into the country’s culture and history is a noteworthy must-see spot in the capital. Another spot arousing interest of the museum lovers would be the National Railway Museum, exhibiting the steam and oil-fired trains used during the visit of Queen II. Elizabeth.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, established to cure and rehabilitate the abandoned or ill chimpanzees and return them their natural habitats in Sierra Leone, as the second country worldwide with the highest chimpanzee population, offers an utterly different experience. You may support this mission by devoting some time during your stay. As a former colonial country, Sierra Leone hosts a large number of enthralling artifacts remaining from the colonial period. The most striking and worth-seeing artifact is certainly Sierra Leone Lighthouse. Built by the Portugueses in 1812, the lighthouse would be an extremely perfect choice for those interested in enjoying themselves by the breathtaking landscapes of the Atlantic Ocean.

Travelers who do not wish to content themselves with the splendid ocean view may also visit the beaches of Freetown remarkable for their crystal sands. You may prefer among the top popular beaches in the city, which are Lumley, Lakka, Hamilton, Palm, Sussex, River and Goderich beaches, and enjoy the sun and sea. Moreover, Charlotte Falls, one of the top charming natural beauties countrywide is simply worth-seeing as well. Located 20 minutes drive away from Freetown city center, the Charlotte Falls owns an enchanting view with the white water flowing through the rocks. You may consider the option of car rental to see this natural marvel and ensure a smooth transport within the city.

The second largest city countrywide after the capital Freetown, the city of Bo offers a pleasant atmosphere for its guests by its numerous historical artifacts and natural gems as well. If you happen to be in this lovely city, make sure to swim in the turquoise waters of Tiwai Island, see Bo Clock Tower and visit Kangari Hills Forest Reserve.

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