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Flights to Singapore

Singapore English, Tamil, Malay, Chinese
Singapore Dollar 5,607 million
New Year (January 02), Chinese New Year (January 30), Good Friday (April 14), Labor Day (May 01), Vesak Day (May 10), National Day (August 09), Deepavali (October 18)

As a tiny island country in Asia, Singapore is a sovereign city-state. Situated on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, the country is encircled by the Indian Ocean and the China Sea. Singapore is extremely appealing to the travelers by the historic details between the magnificent skyscrapers, orchid gardens, cosmopolite people, more than 50 tiny islands around, attractive shopping malls and a wide range of stunning temples. Offering a relaxing atmosphere in social life as well, by the hotels of various standards addressing different tastes, together with world class restaurants and vigorous cafés; Singapore ranks among the top Asian destinations with the highest touristic value.

Take a look at the flights to Singapore with Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged journey of high quality to this enthralling country.

Flight Details

Singapore flight details

Direct flights with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Singapore Changi Airport (SIN), which serves to 55 million passengers in a year, take ten hours and forty five minutes in average.

The air traffic in Changi Airport (SIN), as one of the most popular airports worldwide, gets even busier during the festival season taking place in Singapore. Waited impatiently by the entire world, Chinese New Year celebrations last for two weeks, offering utterly entertaining events all over the city. Singapore Food Festival in March, Dragon Boat Fest in July, and Dipawali Festival of Lights in October are held with huge participation from all over the world, as the most popular events countrywide. The city is simply fascinating with its colorful landscape especially during the Dipawali Festival of Lights.

If you are also interested in visiting the country during the vivacious festival season, it would be advantageous to book your flight to Singapore now to set your travel plan in advance.

Attraction Points

Singapore sightseeing and attractions

Even though Singapore is a tiny country, it offers a large number of alternatives for attractions. Merlion Square on the banks of the Singapore River is live almost all hours, regarded as a popular spot in the city. Merlion Statue down the square surrounded by massive business centers, skyscrapers and hotels, is often cited as the city’s icon.

As one of the most enjoyable destinations countrywide, Sentosa Island is a prominent stop for entertainment. Hosting Universal Studios, Madame Tussauds Museum, iFly Singapore, Tiger Sky Tower, wave pools and adventure parks, this popular island welcomes a considerable number of tourists all year round by a wide range of amusement opportunities it offers. In addition, train travel called “Night Safari” is amongst the top crowd-pulling events held in the island.

As a country where various plants grow in its extremely fertile lands, Singapore hosts many botanical parks and gardens as well. The most popular flower, and often the country’s often cited symbol is orchid. Particularly, Singapore National Orchid Garden promises an exclusive experience for its fanciers. Situated on the peak of the city, the garden covers an area of approximately three hectares. Offering a wide collection of nearly 60 thousand types of orchids, the spaces classified by the colors of blossoming flowers will make you feel mesmerized; you may closely see these magnificent orchids and even buy these as a gift for your loved ones.

Singapore National Museum full of details of the Renaissance period is the largest museum complex countrywide. The division including also the Singapore Art Gallery is the favorite destination of those who are fond of especially the culture and history tours.

Fort Canning Park is a remarkable attraction, filled with all shades of green. Hosting various shows and organizations, the park’s location is known as the hill kings used to visit for taking a rest and being alone in the past. The Spice Garden of experimental nature, together with the Gothic Gate is the most attractive parts of this beautiful park.

Orchard Street right in the heart of the city offering any kind of shopping alternatives gets credit by the shopping lovers and those who like mobility. The Indian and Chinese neighborhoods of two different patterns also shine out as the tourist attractions offering distinctive experiences in Singapore.

This city-state rarely has transportation problems. However, the option of car rental, which is the most comfortable alternative, is the first choice for many tourists, so as to reach certain spots anytime.

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