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Bratislava Slovak
Euro 5,435 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01-02), Anniversary of the Decease of M. R. Štefánik (May 04), End of World War II (May 08), St. Cyril and St. Methodius Day (July 05), National Uprising Day (August 29), Constitution Day (September 01), Day of the Victims of the Holocaust (September 09), Anniversary of the Declaration of the Slovak Nation (October 30), Reformation Day (October 31), All Saints’ Day (November 01), Fight for Freedom and Democracy Day (November 17), Christmas (December 24-26), Day of the Declaration of Slovak Republic (December 30), Easter

Slovakia is situated on Central Europe where the dominance has changed hands for centuries. Separated from Czech Republic and declared independence in 1993, Slovakia is a young country, owning significant historical, touristic and geographical resources. As a country with an increasing tourism potential day by day, Slovakia is one of the rare European countries of which wildlife has been well-protected. Surrounded by Carpathian Mountains, the country offers so much to do; you may take pleasant mountain walks, enjoy your time along the Danube River and visit numerous historical artifacts.

Take a look at the flights to Slovakia offered by Turkish Airlines now to have a privileged journey of high quality and set your plan in advance to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Slovakia by its magnificent historic fabric, cultural prosperity and spectacular landscapes.

Flight Details

Slovakia flight details

Flights by Turkish Airlines to Slovakia take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Košice International Airport (KSC) in the Kosice city within two hours in average.

Offering landscapes resembling truly a postcard at all seasons by its blossoming nature in the summer and splendid mountains covered with cottony snow in the winter, Slovakia is highly appealing especially to the nature lovers. Even though it is a young country, a large number of festivals and events taking place in Slovakia as a profit of the deep-rooted traditions and beliefs on these lands, also turn the country into an attractive destination visited all the time, irrespective of the season. Probably the most attention-grabbing festival is the International Festival of Ghosts and Monsters, fascinating by its distinctive mystical atmosphere. Welcoming nearly 50 thousand visitors in April and May, this festival is held in Bojnice Castle dating back to the 12th century. Adopting a different concept each year with witches, vampires, ghosts and legendary characters, the event is extremely successful in offering an outstanding experience for its participants.

Drawing interest by its snowy mountains as well as its mystical fortresses, Slovakia’s another popular event is Dogsled Racing Championship. Sled dogs compete with each other and various concerts and activities also take place within the scope of this crowd-pulling event held every year in February at the country’s mountainous town Donovaly.

Slovakia is remarkable for its music festivals as well. The classical music festival, Kosice Spring Music Festival, which is held in every May since 1956, and Vychodna Folklore Festival organized in every July since 1953 where you can enjoy yourself with the traditional music and dances, are two noteworthy musical events held in Slovakia.

Attraction Points

Slovakia sightseeing and attractions

The capital Bratislava has hosted and served as a capital for different civilizations throughout the history. Although being a pretty small city, the capital owns a cosmopolitan presence by its historic fabric and background. As the most touristic destination countrywide, Bratislava is home to numerous artifacts, including but not limited to the Bratislava Castle, which is the icon of both the city and the country. Serving as a Museum of History and Archeology today, this castle is extremely enthralling by its splendid landscape watching the Danube River from the top, as well as its architecture dating back to the 9th century. In addition, the Old Town district, where the most notable historical artifacts of the capital come together, is another noteworthy site, attracting a considerable number of tourists. Trinity Church, St. Martin Cathedral and Salvator Apotheke, the oldest known pharmacy are the top noteworthy artifacts of the capital. The Old Town district fascinates the visitors also by the statues all around the streets. All having a distinctive meaning, the most famous statues are certainly Čumil (Watcher) and Napoleon's Army Soldier Statue: Hubert.

Moreover, Apollo Bridge nearby the Danube River in Bratislava is another attraction to watch the city’s breathtaking view. Note that it is possible to use the buses and railway for transportation within the city. You may also use the railway for transporting between the cities, as the country has an advanced railway network. Nevertheless, it is recommended to consider the option of car rental if you are planning to set a more individual and comprehensive route during your stay in this magical country.

Devin Castle located in Devin, a borough of the capital Bratislava, serves as a noteworthy stop in visits to Slovakia, as a glorious structure of 212 meters at the crossroads of the Danube and Morava rivers. Spis Castle in the village of Žehra arouses interest as one of the largest castles in the entire Europe. This giant castle covering an area of 41 thousand 426 square meters reflects the Renaissance, Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles and is under protection by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

The second largest city, Kosice is a typical Central European destination encircled by the Hornad River and Ore Mountains. Even though the city hosts countless artifacts remaining from the Medieval Age, the most significant artifact is surely St. Elizabeth Cathedral. This Gothic church as one of the most valuable spiritual icons of the country shines out by its capacity of 5 thousand people.

Apart from its magnificent historical artifacts, Slovakia is worth-seeing also by its charming nature, rivers and national parks. Tatra National Park, known for its stunning nature offering every shade of green, as well as its lakes to enjoy romantic walks around, or, Slovak Paradise National Park which is included in UNESCO World Heritage Site List, as home to more than 300 caves and bridges, would be perfect choices to enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable break in the nature. If you are also fond of nature, do not forget to stay at the mountain shelters in the Carpathian Mountains, covering the majority of the country’s area, or try winter sports in Tatra Mountains.

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