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Flights to Slovenia

Ljubljana Slovene, Hungarian, Italian
Euro 2,066 million
New Year (January 01), Orthodox Christmas (January 7), Day of Slovenian Culture (February 08), Easter (March), Resistance Day (April 27), Labor Day (May 01-02), National Day (June 25), Assumption Day (August 15), Reform Day (October 10), All Saints’ Day (November 01), Rudolf Maister Day (November 23), Christmas (December 25 ), Independence Day (December 26)

Situated in the south of Central Europe and hosting Julian Alps together with countless magnificent lakes, Slovenia resembles a picturesque by its perfectly preserved nature, cities under the effect of Baroque and Roman architecture, stunning fortresses and palaces. As a country included in UNESCO World Heritage List not only by its breathtaking nature, but also by its magnificent architectural, cultural and historic destinations and ruins, Slovenia is the favorite place for those wishing to have an unordinary vacation in the middle of Europe. You may enjoy the nature and verdant places by trekking, climbing, boat tours and bicycling; visit the archeological sites, fortresses, palaces, museums and galleries or have a chance to swim in the Adriatic Sea during your stay here.

If you are also interested in exploring this adorable country, take a look at the flights to Slovenia offered by Turkish Airlines now to set your travel plan.

Flight Details

Slovenia flight details

Flights by Turkish Airlines to Slovenia take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Joze Pucnik Airport (LJU) in the capital Ljubljana. Ongoing all year round on a regular basis, flights in this route take nearly two hours and fifteen minutes.

Due to its geography, Slovenia stands out as a country with various climates. The northern part of the country where Alpine climate is dominant welcomes ski lovers between December and March. Those wishing to explore the natural gems and history generally prefer visiting Slovenia between April and September. Naturally, the months of summer would be the best season to enjoy the sea and sun.

While booking your flight, you may check the dates of the significant events and festivals taking place in the country to enjoy fully your vacation. Apart from music festivals and cultural events, Slovenia hosts peerless organizations you definitely want to see. The most entertaining and attractive organization in this sense is Grossmann Fantastic Movie and Wine Festival. Held in the last week of July every year, this festival offers watching the exclusively selected movies and joining various concerts, exhibitions and workshops. The traditional Zombie Parade organized in the closure of the festival is truly worth-seeing.

Kurentovanje, regarded as Mardi Gras of Slovenia where the coming of spring is celebrated, on the other hand, shines out as the oldest festival countrywide. Celebrated since 1961, Kurentovanje is a great chance to witness the country’s history and mythology, which colors up Ptuj town with a brilliant parade resembling carnivals. Nevertheless, the largest cultural festival of Slovenia is known as Ljubljana Fest, which starts in June and lasts until September. Hosting both the local artists together with foreigners all around the world, the festival ranks among the top cultural events countrywide where the artists perform dances, theater plays, operas and music shows. Furthermore, Days of National Costumes and Clothing Heritage held in September is a remarkable event where more than 2000 traditional costumes are exhibited.

Plan your vacation without delay to embark on a magical adventure to enjoy Slovenia with its unique events and one of a kind nature.

Attraction Points

Slovenia sightseeing and attractions

The capital Ljubljana won the European Green Capital Award for 2016 by its verdant spaces and eco-friendly achievements. In addition to its nature of legendary beauty, the capital owns many worth-seeing spots by its historical artifacts as well. Tromostovje is among the icons of the city, consisting of three bridges over Ljubljanica River, connecting the modern part of the city with Preseren Square. You may pass this bridge to reach the Square, hosting the statute of the most famous Slovenian poet Dr. France Preseren. The square is the most vibrant spot of the city at the same time where many events take place all year round. Many popular tourist attractions, including but not limited to the French Church, National Library, Zale Cemetery and Tivoli Park are located near the Square. Another icon of the city is surely the Ljubljana Castle enthralling by its heavenly landscape. The castle which was built during the 15th century to cease the Turkish invasion hosts the magnificent St. George Chapel, as one of the most stunning models of Gothic architecture, which should definitely be seen.

It would be best to explore this beautiful capital by foot or riding a bicycle. However, it would be recommendable to rent a car for seeing many natural marvels close to the capital to set a more comprehensive route during your stay at Slovenia.

Lake Bled, which is nearly thirty minutes drive away from the capital is simply enthralling by its natural charm. As a tectonic lake formed by the melting of icebergs, Bled may be a reason all by itself to visit Slovenia by surrounding trees, giant mountains and Bled Castle watching this spectacular landscape from the top. Bled would be the most ideal destination for those looking for a romantic holiday or honeymoon trips, as well as those wishing to propose.

You may also visit the oldest Slovenian town of Ptuj with an hour drive away from the capital. This pretty town is full of captivating fortresses, castles, monasteries and churches remaining from the Medieval Age, and offers many sports activities like bicycling and golf, together with indoor and outdoor thermal pool facilities.

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