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Flights to Somalia

Mogadishu Somali, Arabic
Somalia Shilling 14,74 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Somaliland Sovereignty Day (June 06), Republic Day (July 01), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Located in the Horn of Africa, Somalia is bordered by Djibouti to the northwest, Kenya to the southwest, Gulf of Aden and Yemen to the north, Indian Ocean to the east and Ethiopia to the west. Owning an interesting culture and rich geography, the country succeeds in being a destination arousing interest of the travelers by its untouched natural marvels, although it cannot reflect its prosperity of natural gems to its economy. As a country which was invaded many times due to its geography and ruled by the Ottomans for a specific period, became British and Italian colony thereafter, Somalia is not the first country springing into mind for a journey as it is experiencing a challenging civil war. Nevertheless, it is an utterly different destination worth-seeing by its national parks, enthralling historical artifacts remaining from the colonial period, deep blue sea and extraordinary culture.

If you are also interested in visiting Somalia by its unsteady background, exotic nature, deep-rooted culture and traditions, take a look at the flights to Somalia now to enjoy your journey by the privileged opportunities offered by Turkish Airlines.

Flight Details

Somalia flight details

Direct flights with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Aden Adde International Airport (MGQ) in the capital Mogadishu take nearly eight hours and thirty minutes. It is possible to find flights all year round, as the country has a tropical climate where the temperature is favorable and does not go much below. Therefore, the country shines out as one of the rightest choices for those wishing to enjoy a warm and outstanding holiday in cold winter days.

Attraction Points

Somalia sightseeing and attractions

The country’s capital Mogadishu has served as a capital for different cultures throughout the history and therefore hosts a large number of artifacts all over. Those interested in learning about such deep-rooted history may visit the National Museum in the capital. Serving since 1934, the museum exhibits many works in relation to the country’s background. However, it would also be sufficient to walk down the streets of Mogadishu to take a travel in time. Built by the Italians in 1928, Mogadishu Cathedral is an extremely fascinating building. Hadful Mosque, evoking admiration by its white walls and mystical atmosphere, together with Arba’a Rukun Mosque, ranking among the top oldest places of worship in the country are the noteworthy must-see spots in the capital.

If you wish to take a break in your cultural tour and enjoy the Indian Ocean, you may visit Gezira Beach and make the most of sun and sea in this pretty location which is highly important for the country’s sea tourism. Bakara Market, where various souvenirs and fresh vegetables & fruits are sold and tastes of local cuisine are served would be an ideal spot to witness the daily life. You may also consider the option of car rental to reach anywhere easily in the city. Thus, you may have a chance to transport smoothly to the significant tourist attractions not only in the capital, but also in the nearby destinations. You may for instance visit the city of Merca close to the capital. Welcoming a large number of visitors throughout the year by its vast sands and coastal strip, this city is frequently preferred by those wishing to have a pleasant and extraordinary sea vacation.

Somalia is also full of appealing charms addressing the nature lovers. Lag Badana National Park in the southern Somalia is simply worth-visiting in this sense. This national park by its giant area of 3340 square kilometers and numerous species of animals and plants, offers a perfect chance to witness closer the wildlife. Moreover, Las Geel Cave which is both a natural marvel and a remarkable historic spot is another attention-grabbing spot by its splendid landscape. Discovered by the French researchers in 2002, this cave was anticipated to date back to between 9000 and 3000 before Common Era. Las Geel Cave is truly an enchanting attraction by the drawings it hosts, in addition to its enthralling view.

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