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Flights to Sri Lanka

Colombo Sinhala, Tamil
Sri Lankan Rupee 21,44 million
Tamil Thai Pongal Day (January 15), Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day (January full moon), National Day (February 04), Navam Full Moon Poya Day (February full moon), Mahashivratri (March 07 Mart), Medin Full Moon Poya Day (March full moon), Good Friday (March 25), Sinhala and Tamil New Year (April 14), Esala Full Moon Poya Day (June full moon), Poson Full Moon Poya Day (July full moon), Nikini Full Moon Poya Day (August full moon), Binara Full Moon Poya Day (September full moon), Vap Full Moon Poya Day (October full moon), Diwali (October 29), II. Full Moon Poya Day (November full moon), Birthday of Prophet Mohammed (December 12), Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day (December full moon), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Christmas (December 25)

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a tropical island country in the south of India. Formerly referred to as Sinhala, Sri Lanka welcomes the vacationers with its bright sea and shining sun, as well as promising glorious temples and palaces to culture lovers, and tropical forests and peerless natural marvels to the fanciers of nature. Polonaruwa and Anuradhapura, the most outstanding temples in the island should definitely be seen, regardless of the purpose of your visit. You may also enjoy sunbathing at Unuwatuna and Galle beaches and try surfing and diving activities, and join safari tours at Yala National Park.

Take a look at the flights to Sri Lanka with Turkish Airlines now to set your travel plan for enjoying the splendid coasts full of lovely palm trees and exploring the numerous temples remaining from the ancient ages.

Flight Details

Sri Lanka flight details

Flights to Sri Lanka from Istanbul Airport (IST) land at Bandaranayake International Airport (CBM) in the capital Colombo, which is one of the three international airports in the country. Other two internationally serving airports are Colombo Ratmalana Airport (RML) and Hambantota Mattala Rajapaksa Airport (HRI). Ongoing all year round between Istanbul and Colombo, flights take nearly ten hours and thirty minutes. Some flights in this route are operated as connecting over Maldives as well.

As a country with an extremely colorful culture, Sri Lanka hosts large number of festivals in July and August every year. The most famous festival taking place in the country is Kandy. This carnival, which has become the icon of Sri Lanka offers utterly entertaining moments; local people with special costumes take to the streets and join parades offering a visual feast accompanied by enthusiastic dance shows. Celebrated as a Buddhist festival, elephants also join the corteges in Kandy.

Another festival held in the same season is Deepawali, which indeed is a Hindu tradition. Known also as the Feast of Lights, Deepawali livens up all streets with colorful illuminations. 14 April, on the other hand, is celebrated every year as the New Year of the Sinhala and Tamil natives. This event, organized with impressive ceremonies would be an ideal opportunity to see closer the cultural diversity and local life in Sri Lanka.

In addition to all these, Sri Lanka offers two different climates concurrently at its two ends, turning the country into a destination convenient for vacation at all seasons. As an extraordinary country appealing by its colorful culture as well, Sri Lanka hosts busy air traffic all the time. It would therefore be recommendable to book your flight without delay, taking into account the high demand all year round.

Attraction Points

Sri Lanka sightseeing and attractions

Many reasons can be listed for the popularity of Sri Lanka. The Western Province of the island where capital Colombo is located is famous for its beautiful beaches. Galle by its expressive colonial architecture, natural harbor and stunning coats; Mirissa, as the favorite destination of honeymooners, offering a chance to join whale watching tours; Hikkaduwa, where you can have a half-day tour to moonstone mines and enjoy the endless sands later; Bentona, one of the first regions opened to beach tourism countrywide are only few of the remarkable must-see spots in Sri Lanka.

All these coastal towns giving the name “pearl of Indian Ocean” to the island are very close to the capital Colombo. You may have a chance to visit the capital by having a pleasant break in your sea vacation. Beira Lake in the heart of Colombo serves as a peaceful stop for the visitors, hosting storks, pelicans and many fish species, despite all the chaos in the city center. Colombo National Museum, the shopping district Pettah, Viharamahadevi Park and Kuadulla National Park, as home to many species of mammals, reptiles, fish and birds in addition to more than 3000 plant species, are noteworthy destinations to be seen in visits to Colombo.

Apart from its natural gems, Sri Lanka shines out as a destination arousing interest by its cultural prosperity as well. The island is home to one of the largest and most breathtaking temples worldwide. The city of Polonnaruwa in the northern Sri Lanka, as declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is an ancient kingdom with seven districts and numerous temples, hosting the island’s most sumptuous temples.

It is possible to reach anywhere in the city via the small vehicles named tuktuk in Sri Lanka. Another option would be renting a car, so that you can set your own route and ensure a smooth transport throughout your stay.

Popular destinations in Sri Lanka

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