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Flights to Tajikistan

Dushanbe Tajik, Russian, Persian
Somoni, Ruble 8,921 Million
New Year (January 01), Women’s Day (March 08), Newroz (March 21-22), Labor Day (May 01), Victory Day (May 09), Independence Day (September 09), Constitution Day (November 06), National Reconciliation Day (November 09) Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Tajikistan, officially the Republic of Tajikistan is a landlocked country surrounded by majestic mountains in the Central Asia. As the smallest country by area in its region, Tajikistan hosted Persian Empire in the past and changed its regime to Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic, eventually gaining independence in 1991. The country shines out today by its unsteady history and the artifacts remaining from such background.

If you are also interested in exploring this unique Central Asian country by its warmhearted and friendly people contrary to its harsh climate, its cultural diversity as a perfect blend of Tajik, Uzbek and Russian cultures and its natural marvels, take a look at the flights offered by Turkish Airlines now to set your travel plan and enjoy a privileged journey up in the clouds.

Flight Details

Tajikistan flight details

Flights to Tajikistan with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Dushanbe Airport (DUY) in the capital within nearly four hours and forty minutes.

It would be recommendable while setting your plan to pay regard to the festivals which would both color up your vacation and offer a chance to witness the local culture closer. Sayri Guli Lola Festival, celebrated for the awakening of the nature and in honor of the local tulips blossoming in the spring, is regarded as the most enthralling event in Tajikistan. Lasting for two days, the first day of this festival is held with enthusiasm where local people take a vow and plant the tulips with entertaining traditional music and dance shows. The festival torches lit after the sunset, add a magical atmosphere to the cities. The second day of the festival is for personal purification and the ceremonies held for commemorating the deceased ones.

Didor Film Festival taking place every year in October, together with Bam-ı Dunya gathering together the Central Asian artists in Khorog city rank among the top significant art-based events countrywide, offering favorable chances for those wishing to gain insight about the art concept in Central Asia. As a Muslim country, Tajikistan celebrates the Ramadan and Sacrifice Feasts with huge enthusiasm. Moreover, the most glorious celebrations countrywide take place during the Newroz, drawing interest of many tourists. Held between March 20 and 22 ever year, Newroz celebrations offer extremely colorful views by concerts, parades and street parties, providing a chance to experience the country’s traditions at first hand.

Attraction Points

Tajikistan sightseeing and attractions

You may encounter many enthralling natural beauties in Tajikistan, which has one of the most attractive geographies worldwide. Nevertheless, it would be best to start your tour from the historic spots in the capital before meeting the country’s stunning nature. National Museum of Tajikistan in the capital Dushanbe offers a chance to learn more about the country’s history and culture with its 22 halls full off archeological and ethnographic works. Another noteworthy museum in the capital is the Gurminj Museum, commissioned by the famous actor and musician Gurminj Zavkibekov, where more than 100 musical instruments are displayed. It would be extremely delightful to have an outstanding concert experience in the museum which frequently hosts musical events.

Numerous historical artifacts which witnessed the country’s past should definitely be seen during your stay at the capital. The glorious structure Dushanbe Synagogue, also known as Buhara Synagogue which was built in the 19th century, together with the country’s icon, Statue of Ismail Somoni, built in honor of Ebu Ibrahim Ismail Ibn Ahmed, a notable emperor of the Sasanians, are truly worth-seeing, attracting a considerable number of visitors every year.

Despite all these historic artifacts, the most glorious part of Tajikistan is that it is filled with natural marvels. You may therefore consider the option of car rental to see all these charming natural marvels and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Bulunkul Lake should definitely be your first stop. This giant lake covering an area of 3900 hectares offers truly picturesque landscapes for its visitors. Note that you may have a chance to swim as well, if you happen to visit this lake during the months of summer.

Mountains surrounding Tajikistan like a castle are regarded as the most sumptuous natural marvels in the country. One of the favorite spots in this sense is Fann Mountains. You may join hiking or trekking activities in Fann Mountains and watch the splendid view combined with Iskanderkul Lake. Somoni Peak, on the other hand, evoking admiration of especially those interested in mountaineering, is another popular spot in the country. As an extremely famous and prestigious destination, this summit is amongst the five summits the mountaineers should climb in order to be entitled as “Snow leopard”.

Those do not want to omit the country’s deep-rooted history along with its peerless nature may visit Sarazm Ancient Town in northwestern Tajikistan, which is anticipated to date back to the year 4000 Before Common Era. Reported to be the most important agricultural center and a hub for copper manufacture in the past, this ancient town has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO as well.

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