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Flights to Ukraine

Kiev Ukrainian
Hryvnia 45 million
New Year (January 01), Easter (May 01-02), Labor Day (May 03), Victory Day (May 09), Vlachs National Day (May 23), Pentecost (June 19-20), St. Jean Day (June 24), Constitution Day (June 28)

Bounded by both the Black Sea and Sea of Azov, the Eastern Europe country Ukraine is an extremely popular destination by its historic values, splendid beaches and mobile lifestyle. The country is highly crowd-pulling with its capital Ukraine, together with its magnificent architectural works and the Dnieper River, flowing through the country to the Black Sea, creating a heart-warming atmosphere.

The country is one of the favorite destinations of the art lovers as well by its galleries, museums and historical artifacts. If you are planning a travel to Ukraine, book your flight to Ukraine with Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a comfortable journey.

Flight Details

Ukraine flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to six different destinations in Ukraine: Kharkiv, Kherson, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Zaporizhzhia.

Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) take an hour and a half to two hours in average. Located 29 kilometers from the capital’s center, the busiest airport in the country, Kyiv Borispol International Airport (KBP) serves 8,7 million passengers each year. Odesa International Airport (ODS) on the other hand, is the second busiest airport countrywide with a capacity of one million passengers every year. Danylo Halytskyi International Airport (LWO) which serves in Lviv, shining out as the popular holiday destination in recent years, is 6 kilometers from the city and reaches 0,7 million passengers annually.

Kharkiv International Airport (HRK), Kherson Airport (KHE) and Zaporizhzhia International Airport (OZH) also host a large number of flights, as the country’s windows to the world.

As one of the most mobile and rich countries of Europe in social and cultural life, Ukraine offers extremely entertaining events to attend all day long in many cities. The most popular events in the country are the music festivals. Kyiv Summer Music Festival starts every year in May and lasts for a couple of weeks to welcome the summer. Ukraine World Music Festival, held in Kyiv is another international event taking place at the end of June.

International Music Festival held every May in Lviv and Lviv Fashion Week in March is among the top remarkable festivals in Ukraine which attract considerable attention.

Koktebel International Jazz Festival takes place in September at Koktebel, whereas Molodist International Film Festival is held in October at Kyiv. Za Jazz Festival and Mayor’s Cup Dance competition are also held with huge participation in Kharkiv.

Ukraine is in high demand all year round by its dynamic and intense atmosphere, natural gems and splendid holiday destinations. You may take a look at the flight tickets offered by Turkish Airlines and book your flight instantly to enjoy a comfortable journey to Ukraine for planning a vacation to attend the events or to get closely acquainted with the country.

Attraction Points

Ukraine sightseeing and attractions

Ukraine creates an attention-grabbing atmosphere in tourism by its enjoyable and verdant cities, a wide range of event alternatives it offers to its guests and its sustained tourism infrastructure. As one of the most popular holiday destinations in Eastern Europe, Ukraine remains as the favorite of tourists all year round, offering many options both for summer and winter tourism, as well as cultural trips.

Although the capital Kyiv is generally the first stop for visits in Ukraine, the second largest city, Kharkiv is the first choice of the families with children and romantic couples especially in the winter months by its spectacular under cottony snow. Standing out in the summer months, Odesa is the remarkable port city of the country and serves as a joyful destination with its numerous facilities. As a city udner the spotlight in all seasons, Lviv ranks among the most popular spots for the young population by its entertaining atmosphere.

The capital Kyiv hosts Liberty Square, the most notable square of the country, along with the Mariyinsky Palace as the icon of the city where official invitations take place, Saint Sophia's Cathedral dating back to the 11th century and the magnificent Kyiv Golden Gates. Restructured following the World War II, Kharkiv is outstanding as the country’s popular city by its enthralling atmosphere with historical buildings, accompanied by large streets and squares. Pokrovsky Monastery and Uspensky Cathedral, which bear the traces of historical heritage, get credit especially from the culture and history fancier guests. Kharkiv Fine Arts Museum, Kharkiv Historical Museum and Cosmos Museum rank among the top remarkable museums countrywide. Shevchenko Park and Kharkiv Zoo are the joyful spots for those interested in outdoor activities and nature excursions.

Vorontsov Palace and Lighthouse in Odesa, together with the Potemkin Stairs with its breathtaking hugeness, Transfiguration Cathedral and Odesa Opera and Ballet Theater are the must-see spots as the icons of the city. Moreover, Numismatics Museum, Museum of Interesting Science, Museum of Western and Eastern Art and Archeological Museum are only a few of the cultural spots Odesa city harbors.

Another enjoyable city of Ukraine; Lviv’s famous Rynok Square is surrounded by historical buildings notable for unique architectural details and included in UNESCO World Heritage List. The city offers numerous activities to do; watching a concert in the Opera Building that hosts a wide range of live performances, visiting Lychakiv Cemetery which is more like a museum and seeing the Potocki Palace would be only a few options to consider during your stay. Book your flight now to Lviv to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the magical atmosphere full of pleasant cafés and restaurants in the colorful squares and streets.

You may set the most convenient travel plan for transporting between these magical cities of Ukraine by railway or land. You may also consider the car rental alternatives for a relaxing journey and enjoy travelling the country comfortably during your visit.

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