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Flights to Vietnam

Hanoi Vietnamese
Vietnamese Dong 95,54 million
New Year (January 01), Vietnamese New Year (January 27-28), Labor Day (May 01), Vietnamese Family Day (June 28), National Day (September 02), Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20), Christmas (December 24-26)

Vietnam is one of the most attractive destinations in Southeastern Asia, encircled by the South China Sea, Laos and Cambodia. Owning the world’s richest biological diversity by its long and slim presence extending over the Indochina Peninsula, Vietnam promises unlimited charms, accompanied by a large number of natural marvels.

If you are dreaming of a wonderful vacation visiting the vast rice fields, enjoying the splendid beaches, picturesque valleys, archeological sites, temples, untouched islands and enchanting towns and villages, take a look at the flights to Vietnam offered by Turkish Airlines to enjoy a comfortable journey of high quality for embarking on a spectacular adventure.

Flight Details

Vietnam flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to nine different destinations in Vietnam: Dalat, Da Nang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Phu Quoc, Qui Nhon, Tuy Hoa and Vinh. Flights from Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) land at Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) in the capital within nearly nine hours and thirty minutes. Flights to other most-visited Vietnamese destinations like Da Nang Airport (DAD), Dalat Airport (DLI), Vinh Airport, Phuquoch Airport (PQC) and Dong Hoi Airport (VDH) are operated as connecting. Duration of the journey in connecting flights varies by the layover and the point of destination.

Vietnam has tropical weather conditions, yet it is possible to experience various climates at different regions of this country covering a large area. Monsoon rains are effective in Vietnam’s south during May and September, whereas the northern part of the country is rainy between October and April. Therefore, the ideal time to visit Vietnam varies by your destination in the country.

While setting your travel plan, it would be recommendable to review the festivals offering a chance to witness the local culture. Most of the festivals in Vietnam are celebrated basing on the Lunar Calendar; the dates therefore differ each year. You may follow up with the events you would like to join and arrange your travel plan accordingly. One of the most crowd-pulling events taking place countrywide is Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival. Celebrated from the sixth day of the New Year until the end of third month of the Lunar Calendar, this festival is the most long-termed event in the country. Hue Art Festival, exceedingly satisfying the fanciers of art and culture, is held biennially with enthusiastic theater performances, dance shows, traditional costumes and street performances where you can witness the historical heritage of the country.

Vietnam would be the rightest choice for those wishing to enter the New Year in an extraordinary way. During this season, which is without a doubt offers the most colorful moments for Vietnam celebrating the New Year by combining the Thanksgiving Day and Christmas as a whole, the country livens up by the amazing fireworks, as well as distinctive performances and celebrations taking place all over. Another festival, which is just as popular as others, is the Lantern Festival at Hoi An. Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Hoi An is often cited as the “Venice of Vietnam” by its pretty canals. The lanterns are lit and left to the sky or the canoes touring along the canals in the first full moon of each month, where the city enthralls its visitors by the vivacious light feast.

It would be advisable to book your flight in advance, taking into account the busy air traffic during the vigorous festival season, if you are also looking forward to enjoy your holiday at Vietnam in its most impressive times.

Attraction Points

Vietnam sightseeing and attractions

Rising from its ashes after the wars and occupations of hundreds of years, Vietnam owns countless heritages both in its recent and ancient history, along with its well-preserved colorful culture and natural gems.

The capital Hanoi still bears the traces of its unsteady background and creates an amazing attraction for those interested in history. The Mausoleum of Ha Chi Minh, fellow of Lenin, Stalin and Mao, is the biggest statue in the city, which is made of marble. Hao Lo Prison, where the French colonizers were imprisoned, which was a source of inspiration to the movie The Honai Hilton in 1987 serves as a museum today in the city. The National Museum of History, on the other hand, offers a chance to witness the country’s history chronologically. Ho Hoan Kiem Lake in the city’s historic center is one of the spots where you can clearly observe the country’s mystical nature. In addition to this lake which was mentioned in many legends, the Temple of Literature is another must-see spot, which is the first national university countrywide. Take a look at the flight tickets to Hanoi now, if you are also planning a visit to Vietnam’s capital to explore its deep-rooted history and exiting artifacts.

Vietnam offers countless spots waiting to be discovered, including Ha Long Bay. Standing for the term “descending dragon”, this bay owns an utterly fascinating charm going perfectly together by its name. Do not forget to join the boat tours here to see the giant islands coming through the sea, fascinating caves, lakes and pretty fishing villages. In addition, you may also see Pagoda Temple built in 1601 at the former capital Hue, witness the breathtaking beauty of Muong Hoa Valley surrounded by verdant mountains and rice fields or visit Cu Chi, an underground tunnel dig by Vietnamese guerillas in Ho Chi Minh.

Vietnam is an ideal destination also for those fond of sea vacation, rather than cultural tourism. Country’s largest island Phu Quo hosts untouched tropical forests, coral reefs and remarkable Bai Dai, regarded as one of the cleanest and pleasant beaches worldwide. Nha Trang offers convenient coasts for those interested in diving; whereas Mui Ne, a favorite coast town in the country which has recently become popular, is the favorite of those wishing to try windsurfing and watch the mesmerizing sunset.

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