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Smiling Doctors

A huge thank-you to the doctors who help us in the skies.  Smiling Doctors members help emergency medical problems while flyind and a Mile gift awaits them.


Occasionally, passengers or flight crew can experience health problems while flying. In these cases, our first-aid-trained crew are the first to help, but sometimes we need the medical expertise of the doctors traveling with us.

We've seen this happen hundreds of times, and though thankfully not a common occurrence, we've seen doctors come to the rescue in some extremely life-threatening situations. We want to extend our deepest thanks to the doctors who’ve helped our passengers over the years, and as a small token of our gratitude, we've introduced Smiling Doctors.

With Smiling Doctors, crew will go directly to doctors who are part of the program in an emergency situation, rather than making an announcement in the cabin. This means treatment can be given quickly and effectively.

Turkish Airlines covers these doctors with their insurance, protecting them against any dispute which might arise from the patient over the treatment provided.

Our aircraft carry all the medical equipment required by international civil aviation rules. In addition, we also provide doctors with our algorithms to indicate which emergency situations are most likely to occur in the air.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only Miles&Smiles members can benefit from the promotion.
  • Applications to benefit from the promotion are made via the Miles&Smiles member’s account.
  • Those wishing to benefit from the promotion must be qualified doctors, complete the application form accurately and in full, and provide their medical degree indicating their graduation from a faculty of medicine, as well as any other documentation indicating their specialization.
  • Under the promotion, members will have 5,000 Miles credited to their account the next time they fly with Turkish Airlines.
  • Under the campaign, 5,000 Miles will be credited on one occasion only.
  • Our members can earn 1,000 Miles, with the Smiling Doctors application when they fly at least one flight with Turkish Airlines within the year. Your gift Miles will be deposited into your bank account on the 14 March Medical Holiday. You can benefit from this campaign annually.
  • The name and surname given at check-in must match the name and surname on the member's Miles&Smiles account.
  • Doctors will be advised of any medical incident that may occur while on the aircraft, and they will be expected to provide medical assistance.