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Villa Paketi

Earn Miles on your holiday accommodation reservations with the partnership of, which is a holiday accommodation rental platform. Holiday lovers win with the cooperation of Turkish Airlines and Miles&Smiles on, the rental platform for holiday villas, summer houses and bungalows. Every reservation you make to specially designed residences for holiday purposes earns you Miles. offers accommodation options that will make your holiday unique. Honeymoon villas for honeymoon couples, private and sheltered villas with special pools, rental summer houses, apartments, villas with indoor hot pools, magnificent villas with infinity pools, wooden bungalows communing with nature and many options are on

In order to earn Miles, it is sufficient to enter your Miles&Smiles member number when making your reservation.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Miles are calculated on the net reservation amount and will be credited to your account within 4 weeks after the accommodation departure date.

  2. Miles&Smiles member number must be entered as in the example.

Example: TK123456789

  1. It is not possible to earn Miles for reservations made without entering a Miles and Smiles member number.

  2. In case of retroactive Mil request, the contract start date will be taken as the basis.

  3. To earn Miles, you must have completed your stays using the relevant reservation.

  4. Members cannot earn Miles in cases where the reservation is made but not used or canceled.

  5. Members can not use more than one Miles&Smiles account for the same stay.

  6. If more than one Miles&Smiles member stays for the same reservation, Miles are only credited to the account whose Miles&Smiles membership number is entered at the time of booking.

  7. rules and conditions apply for reservations.

  8. Earning Miles in reservation transactions within the scope of the campaign (in case of accommodation) are as follows:

  9. 1000 Miles for all reservations of 15000 TL or more

  10. 2000 Miles for all reservations of 25000 TL or more

  11. For reservations of 50000 TL or more, 5000 Miles will be loaded.