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Three heroes of United States, the country that explored the surface of the moon, Mariha Falconer, Russ Holmes, and Karlos Kemp stepped on earth on February 2, 2020 with Turkish Airlines' Boeing 787 aircraft. Their journey, 51 years after Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins stepped onto the lunar surface, is a milestone for an estimated 130 million Americans who have never left their country since their birth. As the airline that flies to the most countries on the planet, we invite you to an epic journey on our beautiful planet, every corner of which we know very well.

Behind the Steps

Meet Mariha Falconer, Russ Holmes, and Karlos Kemp. They were ordinary people, now they Step on Earth with Turkish Airlines, discover our beautiful planet and witness miracles. Take a closer look at the lives of our heroes and the stories behind their steps.

Step on Earth with Turkish Airlines!

You can discover beautiful cities with attractive flight opportunities. Get ready to fly to new places, new people and new stories. Step on Earth now with Turkish Airlines.