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Happy World Kebab Day!

The star of the Turkish cuisine, kebab is a lot more than an ordinary meal. Famous all around the World in two different kinds as shish Kebab and doner kebab, this taste livens up the tables. We have listed the cities which are the motherlands of kebab and various delicious kebabs. You should definitely fly to these cities as soon as possible to taste the kebabs at their homelands. Happy 14 July World Kebab Day.

Adana kebab, Adana

The city of Adana located in southern Turkey is so famous for its kebab that you can just say Adana when ordering kebabs. For Adana kebab, mutton is minced with a huge mincing knife called zirh. Rested one day, the meat is then skewered and cooked over charcoal. This delicious meat is served with tomatoes and peppers roasted on charcoal as well, parsley and bread. You can buy an Adana flight ticket to experience this unique taste at its source.

Urfa kebab, Sanliurfa

With its history dating back thousands of years BC, Sanliurfa was home to various civilizations and the richness of its cultural heritage reflects open the local cuisine. One of the city's best-known food is Urfa kebab. Made from mutton minced with zirh, its only difference from Adana kebab is that it is not hot. Buy your Sanliurfa flight ticket to meet with the real Urfa kebab and begin your travel to savor.

Doner kebab, Kastamonu

Marinated with various spices, the meat is skewered and cooked slowly on wood fire. And the doner’s great flavor derives from here. The meat on fire is cut as leaves and served immediately when they are cooked. The inventor of doner reaching back one and a half centuries was known as Master Hamdi from Kastamonu. You can buy a Kastamonu flight ticket to meet the real doner by flying to this land of taste known all around the World.

Iskender kebab, Bursa

Bursa’s famous iskender kebab stands out with its savory presentation. Served with tomato sauce and on top of pitas, the meat adds its unique flavor with its oil to the pitas. Accompanying the meat on the same plate, yogurt freshens the table. The central essence of iskender is the moment when hot liquid butter is poured before service. You will never forget the sound of poured butter once you hear it. Buy a Bursa flight ticket as soon as possible to reach the source of this delicious meal adding savor to Turkish cuisine since 1867.

Pit kebab, Kastamonu

You should definitely get acquainted with the pit kebab of Kastamonu, a city famous for its kebab as well. The pit kebab is prepared using one of the first meat cooking methods in the history of mankind. fire is started in a pit and meat is hung down in this pit. Later on, the top of the pit is covered and the meat is cooked for three to four hours. You should buy a Kastamonu flight ticket at the earliest opportunity to try this taste.

Cag kebab, Erzurum

Cag kebab, a local flavor of Erzurum, has become widespread throughout Turkey. The kebab, named after skewers called cag, is cooked on wood fire. Goat kid meat or lamb meat is preferred for this kebab. You can buy an Erzurum flight ticket to experience this taste served with onions, tomatoes and peppers at its hometown.

Sini kebab, Antioch (Hatay)

Sini kebab, bringing together minced meat, tomatoes, pepper, potatoes, onion and garlic on the same tray, is one of Antioch’s favorite dishes. This kebab cooked with wood fire on a tray placed inside a brick oven will enrapture you when you eat eat with warm and fresh pitas. You can buy an Antioch flight ticket even just to try this unique taste.

Paper kebab, Antioch (Hatay)

Paper kebab is another delicious kebab you should try in Antioch, famous for its various appetizing dishes. Bringing together tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, onion and peas in oily butcher paper, this kebab has a really impressive presentation. You should be more careful not to eat the papers as you will lose yourself in its unique flavor. If you are wondering where the most delicious paper kebab is made, buy your Antioch flight ticket to start the countdown for a savory journey.