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The 10 most famous golf courses

The anticipation and excitement you feel before you hit the golf ball and make a perfect shot… An experience that is heightened on the world’s best golf courses. We have compiled a list of the 10 most famous golf course destinations for you to explore. Transport your golf equipment with ease and fly with us to the world’s most fabulous golf courses.


Including Istanbul and Antalya, Turkey at large, has a total of 36 golf courses spread across 6 cities, and is known as a tour de force in Golf tourism. Belek, with its golf course designer by prestigious designers and luxury golf hotels, welcomes an average of 120 thousand golf enthusiasts annually.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom boasts the most golf courses of any country in Europe, which is not surprising, as it is the birthplace of golf with roots that extend back to 1603. The United Kingdom has over 1920 golf courses and is home to some of the best golf clubs in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Additionally, world renowned major golf tournaments are held in London.


When it comes to golf tourism in Europe, Britain tops the list, with Germany coming in second, with over 730 golf courses. Germany is the second country in Europe with the most golf courses and boasts fabulous courses and luxury clubs, mostly in Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Nuremberg.


With almost 600 golf courses, France, is the third best golf destination in Europe. In Paris, Nice and a handful of other cities you can find world-class golf courses and clubs and participate in world-famous tournaments around the country.


Italy is a popular golfing destination, home to 240 courses, concentrated in Rome, Venice, Bologna and Milan. The golf clubs of Italy are situated in vast areas surrounded by olive trees or located in pine forests, which increases the difficulty of the game, and makes for entertaining games. These specially designed courses are suitable for both amateur and professional players.


Each year thousands of people travel to Spain to play golf at the 350+ golf courses that boast more than 500 tracks. Many of the golf courses are located by the sea, in mountainous regions and within the city. The UK, Germany and France are famous for golf tourism, but Spain boasts the best golf clubs, based in Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.


Africa offers great golfing destinations; a mild climate at the base of the Masa Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa; by the sea in Mauritius, or vibrant city life in Johannesburg. Awe-inspiring, beautifully designed golf courses located in a wild nature setting. These golf courses are best enjoyed in the spring, where you may spot a zebra mid-shot.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates boasts 10 world-class golf courses based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Emerald green courses with magnificent city views leave golf lovers in awe. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are ideal for those looking to play golf in the winter. From November to March the temperature is around 20 degrees.


America is home to some of the most prestigious golf tournaments. Courses are dotted around San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and New York. Due to the rugged coastline and terrain, the golf courses make for challenging games. Golf courses with breathtaking ocean views, entices golf enthusiasts from all over the world.


In Russia, the golf season begins in May and ends in September. During golf season, the golf courses are open 18 hours a day, which leaves plenty of time to play before breakfast or after dinner. The best golf clubs, located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, offer a vast array of services, such as restaurants, libraries, cigar rooms and billiard rooms.