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Money-Mile Transformation 

  • The campaign is valid from November 16, 2016 to December 31, 2017 for purchases made from Migros, 5M Migros, Macrocenter, Migrosjet stores or from Migros Virtual Market using Money Card, Money Bonus or Money cards. 
  • In order to benefit from the campaign, you must be a member of the Turkish Airlines Special Passenger Program Miles & Smiles and sign up for the campaign using your Money card and Miles & Smiles TK number. 
  • Signing up for the campaign 
    • Type ‘Mil’, add a space, then your Money Card number, another space, then your Turkish ID Number in a text message and send this message to 5818. (For example: Mil 6002080134567891 TK123456789) To register with your Money Bonus card, type ‘Mil’, add a space, then the 10 digit MIN number on the left bottom corner of the card, another space, and your Turkish ID number in a text message and send this message to 5818. 
    • (For example: Mil 1234567891 TK123456789). 
    • You can also sign up for the campaign through the "Profile-My Earnings-My Miles" menu on the Migros mobile app. 
  • After signing up, your Money card and other cards of yours linked up with this card and money earned from purchases made from Migros, 5M Migros, Macrocenter stores or the Virtual Market will be credited to your TK account in Miles points using the 1 Money = 20 Miles factor.

For transfer of earned Miles points to your Miles&Smiles accounts

  • A single text message is sufficient to transfer the money earned with your Money card to your Miles & Smiles account. 
  • Type ‘MILDONUSTUR’ (MILCONVERSION), add a space, then ‘money amount to be converted’ in a text message and send the message to get your mile points on the same day. 
  • For example: Sending ‘MILDONUSTUR 5’ (MILCONVERSION 5) as a text message will see your account credit with 100 miles using 5 money points from your account. 
  • There is no need to convert all of the money funds, any desired amount can be written. 
  • No refunds can be made for converted miles. 
  • Customers who wish to leave the campaign must cancel before the conversion takes place. Type IPTAL (CANCEL), add a space, then your Turkish ID number, in a text message and send the message to 5818 to leave the campaign (e.g. IPTAL TK123456789). 
  • To earn Miles points, you either need to use the Money Card registered with the Miles program or any of the other cards linked with it. 
  • Purchases for resale are not included in the total shopping amount. Any Miles points rewarded for purchases for resale will be revoked. 
  • An account can earn up to 50,000 Miles by the end of the campaign. 
  • Each Money Card can be used for only 1 Miles & Smiles membership, together with the other cards linked to it. Miles & Smiles rules and conditions apply for using your mile points. Migros reserves the right to change the terms of the campaign.