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Location’s named after women’s empowerment

Location’s Named After Women’s Empowerment

Women stand out with their great heroism in different parts of the World. Some cities and towns were named after these great women. Are you ready to discover the locations bringing the names of these heroic women into present and learn their stories.

Location’s Named After Women’s Empowerment

Santa Lucia, the only country named after a woman

St. Lucia in the Caribbean stands out as the only country in the world named after a woman. According to legend, the island's first residents settled there after their ship got wrecked on December 13. As December 13 is celebrated as Saint Lucy's Day in Europe, the first settlers named the island after her to honor Saint Lucy.

It is known that Saint Lucy had been born in the 3rd century as a daughter of a noble family in Sicily. Her mother had arranged a marriage with the son of a rich Pagan family. Lucy, dedicating her life to help people did not want to marry; she distributed her inheritance and helped the poor.

The Emperor viewed her benevolent activities for the poor as an insult to the Empire and condemned her to death. Narratives vary according to the source, however one thing that is constant is that Lucy’s benevolence and complete dedication set an example to the whole world.

Ciudad Evita, the city of Eva Peron

Ciudad Evita located in Greater Buenos Aires is accepted as a National Historic Monument of Argentina. With a population of 70 thousand, the city is named after Argentina’s legendary First Lady, Eva Peron. Eva was born to a poor family in the village of Los Toldos. She moved to the capital, Buenos Aires, when she was 15 years old and began her career as an artist.

In 1944, at an aid event for earthquake victims in San Juan, she met with Colonel Juan Peron and married him the next year. Juan Peron, endeavoring hard to improve the condition of laborers, became the Prime Minister in 1946 and elected two more times consecutively.

Overcoming all challenges facing her, Eve Peron led the establishment of Women’s suffrage in Argentina. She gave support to labor unions, worked actively for women's rights, organized aid campaigns for children and helped the poor. Being much loved by the people of Argentina, she was nicknamed “Evita” meaning “Little Eva”. Eva Peron, became a legend worldwide as the protector of women's and laborer's rights.

Location’s Named After Women’s Empowerment
Location’s Named After Women’s Empowerment

Hart County, eternizing the heroism of a woman

Hart County in the state of Georgia takes its name after Nancy Hart, a prominent figure during the American War of Independence. The region was named after Hart to honor a tough and skilled war hero.

During the Revolution, English soldiers came to Hart’s house and demanded from her to cook Turkey. Hart, cooking what they wanted, seized the opportunity as the soldiers left their weapons outside the dining hall, and removed their weapons. Afterwards Hart took the eating soldiers hostage and subdued the ones trying to fight back.

The stories told about Nancy Hart have not been confirmed with documents yet. However a region was named after this heroic woman.

Terezin, the town bearing the name of an empress

The town of Terezin, one hour ride from Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is named after the Empress Maria Theresia. Reigning for 40 years, Maria Theresia was a member of the Habsburg Dynasty and the only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions. By her marriage with Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor, she was also the empress of the Holy Roman Empire.

As one of the most powerful women of her era, Maria Theresa promulgated financial and educational reforms, promoted commerce and the development of agriculture, and reorganized the military strengthening Austria.

The town of Terezin, named after a powerful woman like this was converted to a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. Although this later infamy of the town led to the forgetting of Theresia’s name, yet her achievements were engraved to history.

Location’s Named After Women’s Empowerment