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Healthy and delicious Aegean cuisine

The beauty of Aegean cuisine in Turkish food culture is that it is both healthy and light yet absolutely delicious. These Fertile lands famous for olive oil and variety of herbs, these foods are healthy and healing. The herbs and olive oil vary from city to city.


The Aegean cuisine is affected by the many different civilizations that have passed though İzmir through the centuries. İzmir is known for its abundance of herbs, olive oil made from olive trees, and sea food it has to offer. Deniz börülcesi (sea beans), hindiba (chicory root), sarmaşık (ivy) and ısırgan (nettle) are some favorites. Arapsaçı, ebegümeci, cibez and radika are herbs used in all parts of the Aegean. For breakfast you can enjoy boyoz and İzmir tulumu, and the city’s favorite treats, kumru, İzmir köfte (meatballs) and keşkek. You can also visit places near İzmir, like Çeşme, Alaçatı or Urla. To try the great flavors or these wonderful places, book a flight to İzmir.


Muğla, another great place in the Aegean region has wonderful meat and olive oil dishes. Döş dolması and çöketme kebab, are perfect for any meat lovers. The famous tarhana soup, one of Muğla’s most famous dishes, its a healing remedy. For fish lovers, there’s sour fish and kefal dolması. Other great dishes include oğlak yahnisi, kabak çiçeği dolması and keşkek. The herbs, börülce and koruğu salad, of Muğla go nicely with main meals. You can also visit the great summer destinations of the Muğla region, Bodrum and Dalman. The sea sun and sand fun, and tasty food book a flight to Dalaman or book a flight to Bodrum.


Denizli has delicious dishes to offer. Tirit (minced meat on bread), sıyırma and flour soup are the first that come to mind. Of all the cities in the Aegean region, Denizli has a rich cuisine. Meat lovers should try Tas kapama, tandır, and lamb cooked horizontally on a skewer. Follow it up with some nice katmer (flaky pastry). With Pammukale on your path, discover these great places, that are rich in nature and history, and eat lots of delicious dishes by booking a flight to Denizli.


Kütahya, is historically rich and home to delicious local foods. Cranberry tarhana soup with yoghurt and bulgur rice is a great remedy for those feeling under the weather. Ravioli similar to cimcik, is known as sini mantısı and spinach şibit are some of the most beautiful dough-based foods of Kütahya. Some other great dishes are: İlibada and namaz dolması, osunum, çene çarpan çorbası, Kütahya kebabı, Kütahya usülü güveç. When you visit Kütahya, we reccomend that you try the yumurtalı dövmeç, sibitli chicken tiridini. For natural beauty, hot springs and a wonderful feast, book a flight to Kütahya.

Enjoy the beauty of the Aegean region, beautiful coasts and history alongside a delicious cuisine.