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Fly up over the clouds with the seat you selected

Larger movement space, window seat for a little bird's-eye view of the earth... You can prefer the front seats for gaining time when getting off the plane, extra knee room for increasing your comfort, or the stroller facility for a comfortable flight with your baby. Select your seat now and feel the comfort of Economy Class in the sky.

Choose your seat, feel good throughout your journey

Regardless of how high above the ground you are, a special experience is what you deserve. Large seats, personal monitors, battery charging facilities and more awaits the Economy Class passengers in long distance flights.

Extra legroom seats, a more comfortable flight experience

If you would like larger movement space during a flight, seats with extra knee room are just right for you.

A calm journey with your baby

Seats suitable for use with baby strollers may ease the sweet load of journey with your baby. Do not forget to request help from our staffs at the airport for seats for baby strollers.

Emergency exit seat or any point on the plane

If you need extra distance, emergency exit seat may be suitable for you. In addition, it only takes a minute to travel in the front side or back side of the plane, on the wings or in one of the other seats that you have selected.

*Due to the aviation regulations, if you accept and meet the emergency exit seat conditions, you can select these seats.

On Turkish Airlines international and domestic flights, the Business Class seat selection is free of charge until the check-in duration is finished. Passengers who purchase Economy Class seat selection and then upgrade to Business Class cannot have their seat selection fee refunded.

How can I select my seat in Economy Class?

Window seat or aisle seat? Moreover, seats with extra knee room or emergency exit seats? For travelling on the plane's part that you have selected, you can reserve your seat during reservation, or later via "My Reservations" tab.

Seat Properties

Thanks to numerous properties of the Economy Class seats, a comfortable and cosy flight awaits you.

What is included?

  • Seats with 79 cm knee room for larger movement area, and seats that can be inclined for 15 cm
  • 46 cm seat width on long distance flights
  • Middle seats that can be turned into a bed thanks to erectable arm support
  • Four-direction head support
  • Personal monitors in sizes 12 or 13.3 inches
  • Adjustable foot support
  • Battery charging facility with the universal sockets located under the seats
  • USB inputs between seats

*The properties mentioned on this page about our seats may vary depending on the type of the airplane

Seat Prices

Route Flight class Seat type Fees Selection period
All flights Business Class All seats All seats 355 days before flight
Domestic flights Economy Class Standard 40.00 TRY 355 days before flight
Domestic flights Economy Class Seats with more leg room 50.00 TRY 355 days before flight
International flights Economy Class Standard 9.00 USD - 39.00 USD 355 days before the flight
International flights Economy Class Seats with more leg room 19.00 USD - 119.00 USD 355 days before flight
AnadoluJet domestic and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus flights Economy Class All seats 20.00 TRY - 50.00 TRY 355 days - 6 hours before flight
AnadoluJet international (Except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) seats Economy Class All seats 6.00 USD - 21.00 USD 355 days - 26 hours before flight

Information about seat selection

Make your flight more enjoyable by choosing from our seats designed for a comfortable journey. Please click here for detailed information about the general terms and conditions before you select your seat.