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There is something special called the fresh air of highlands: Black Sea highlands will invigorate you

For our guests who desire more than sea, sand and sun for a holiday, who seek a cool spot to escape from summer days and a breakout from city, we have the best cure, nature... Highlands of Black Sea, where the ground meets the sky, where you can touch the clouds, are the greatest locations to meet with nature. You can join Black Sea tours in July and August, the best time to experience Black Sea, and you can taste all of the flavors Black Sea cuisine from muhlama (melted cheese and cornmeal) to laz böreği (custard pie with filo) overlooking breathtaking sceneries. Ayder, Elevit, Pokut, Gito, Anzer and much more… We have listed the most beautiful plateaus of Black Sea exclusively for you. We have also some destination recommendations at the end of the article. You can travel to the highlands in our list by purchasing a Giresun flight ticket, Trabzon flight ticket or Artvin flight ticket, then by joining a Black Sea highlands tour or renting a car.

1. The Plateau famous for its hot springs, Ayder

Ayder Plateau of Rize Çamlıhemşin province is around 1 hour away from the city center, and this lovely highland is one of the first destinations that comes to mind among Black Sea Highlands. Located at the 1350 m altitude, Ayder Plateau leans against Kaçkar Mountains. The plateau is located among lush spruce and beech forests as well as hornbeam, chestnut and fir forests ranging from yellow to red. Accommodation options are plenty. You can stay at hostels or bungalows. You can travel to the plateau on buses leaving from the city center. Standing out with its rich flora and fauna, Ayder Plateau is home to beauties distinct to four different seasons. There are also hot springs which you can use in all seasons. These are so famous that many people in the Ottoman Era went to this highland to find cure to their ailments.

2. Oxygen spring: Elevit Plateau

Another plateau in Çamlıhemşin is Elevit. The plateau is located at Çat Valley and you can reach after passing Fırtına Valley which is selected by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as among 200 priority ecoregion for global conservation. Located at an altitude of 1800 on the slopes of Kaçkar Mountain, Elevit Plateau is a serene paradise with its stream flowing peacefully among greenery, rich variety of flowers and unique houses. There are accommodation and camping alternatives.

3. That misty place in photos: Pokut

Another beautiful destination in Çamlıhemşin is Pokut Plateau. Located at an altitude of 2032 m, Pokut is prominent among Black Sea highlands with its misty sceneries and unique log houses. Pokut Plateau wrapped with pine forests stands out with its rich biodiversity as well as special architecture. You can take a trekking tour to Sal Plateau at 3 to 4 km away. If you are confident, you can walk to Hazindak Plateau with a 15 km walk.

4. Lie down over the clouds in Gito!

About 25 minutes from Rize and 2 hours from Çamlıhemşin, Gito Plateau is another highland that will make you feel above clouds. The deep presence of green and blue flowing among the clouds like a white blanket laid under your feet will thrill you. You can stay at the chalets in Gito Plateau. You should definitely visit Zil Fortress built on a large rock at an altitude of 750 m overlooking Fırtına Valley while ascending to Gito Plateau.

5. Do not return without tasting Anzer honey!

Located Rize İkizdere, Anzer Plateau is around 2 hours away from the city center. There are accommodation facilities available at the plateau having an altitude of 2105 m. You can hike at the plateau wrapped in different shades of green during summer, and yellow to red in winter months. If you are interested in photography, its nature will treat you generously. You can also take paragliding tours here. The world famous Anzer Honey is produced from hundreds of different species of flowers found in these highlands.

6. The mists of Sis Mountain Plateau will cover you like a blanket!

Sis Mountain Plateau is located on the peak of Sis Mountain in Giresun Görele at an altitude of 1950 m. Located about 2 hours away from the city center, you can enjoy sceneries wrapped in misty clouds in this plateau. You can stay nearby Sis Mountain or camp on the plateau. If you happen to pass by during July, we recommend you to attend to Sis Mountain Festivals.

7. Kümbet; more than a plateau!

Located in Dereli district and about 1 hours away from Giresun city center, Kümbet Plateau has an altitude of 1850. No matter which season you are in, this is the place where you will experience all four seasons together in one day. You can stay in Kümbet hotels or chalets. As you are in Kümbet Plateau, you can also visit the 6.5-kilometer long and 1.5-meter high Hacı Abdullah Wall at Çıkrıkkapı Plateau, built 400 years ago having a single gate and which was the second longest Wall after China’s Great Wall. While you are visiting Dereli District, another natural wonder to see is the Blue Lake getting more famous each passing day. The Blue Lake also known as the “Lye Lake” formed by a combination of three different lakes. The lake is known as the only lake where lye water flows as a creek in the Eastern Black Sea Region.

8. Bullfighting in highlands

Located 20 minutes from Artvin, Kafkasör Plateau is at 1250 altitude. You can participate in the Kafkasör Culture and Arts Festival held during the first week of July. You can watch bullfighting and folklore events called Atabarı in this festival Organized by Society for Supporting Bulls and Protecting Plateaus. Do not forget to drink healing waters named Cıskaro, Yalnızhasan and Acısu when you are there. As the highland is close to Artvin, you can stay in hotels located at the city center.

9. Natural wonder on the peak of the mountain: Hıdırnebi Plateau

Located in Trabzon Akçaabat, Hıdırnebi Plateau is 1 hour from the city center. At an altitude 1600 m and as the closest plateau to the coast, it is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Trabzon. You can stay in bungalows or camp at the Hıdırnebi Plateau. You can participate in the rural festivities organized each year at the end of July at a place called Argalos Meadow located behind the Hıdırnebi cliffs of the plateau. While you are in Akçaabat, you can also drink a lemony haşlama (stew) soup in the joints located at the entrance of the district. Of course, you must eat Akçaabat meatballs as well before you return.

10. Paragliding fun in highlands

Located 2 hours away from Ordu city center, Perşembe Plateau offers distinct beauties to the visitors with its meanders and plateau lake. The camp located at the altitude of 1500 m is also very suitable for safari and paragliding. You can stay in hotels at Ordu or hostels in the plateau. Perşembe is one of the plateaus that hosts festivals during July. Considering that the Black Sea’s most enjoyable moments can be experienced in summer months, participating to these festivities during your visit can be great fun.

No matter in which plateau you are, do not return without doing the following!

  • Watch the sun rise!
  • Immerse in the night sky covered with stars!
  • Drink a delicious tea overlooking highlands!
  • Listen to kemenche, bagpipes!
  • Dance the halay, play the horon!