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Campingsites in Çanakkale

What do you say to a cityescape at Kaz Dağları, Bozcaada, Gökçeada and Assos? Escape from the stress of the city, at the best campsites of Çanakkale where you can feel at one with nature and swim to your heart’s content in crystal clear seawater. Book a flight to Çanakkale and start you journey; embark on new adventures, go diving or play sports.

Kaz Dağları campsites

Fresh mountain air, lush natural scenery and waterfalls you can swim in; Kaz Dağları is the perfect camping spot. Kaz Dağları is comprised of 3 hills: Sarıkız, Karataş and Baba Tepesi. At Kazdağı National Park, you can hire a guide and camp for free in tents or caravans. In the same area, there are private camps that have electricity, water facilities and large tents for rent. You can even join in the events held at private camps.

Bozcaada campsites

Bozcaada is an ideal spot for those looking to camp by the sea. Beylik Koyu (Beylik Bay), Batık Gemi (Sunken Ship) and Akvaryum Koyu (Aquarium Bay) are great places to set up camp. You can camp in a caravan or tent on the sandy beaches. We advise you to stock up on any camping supplies you might need from the island mainland. There are also some private camps at Bozcaada; in the surrounding areas of Ayazma Beach, you can find campsites where you can rent tents with or without beds, and caravans. These campsites also have toilets, electricity and water facilities on site. When you camp at Bozcaada make sure to do diving in the pristine seawater, and when you pack your camping equipment, don’t forget to pack your diving equipment.

Gökçeada campsites

When it comes to camping by the sea, you should definitely note Gökçeada on your list of places to camp at. Yıldız Koyu (Yildiz Bay) and Aydıncık Sahil (Aydncık Seashore), are two great campsites. Sualtı Milli Parkı (Sualtı National Park), Kefaloz Plajı (Kefaloz Beach), Uğurlu Köyü (Uğurlu Village), are some other ideal campsites. You can find private and nonprivate campsites at all of these places. There is a shortage of toilets and shower facilities at the nonprivate campsites, but you can make use of surrounding cafes and restaurants.

Assos campsites

For those looking to camp at Assos, we recommend campsites near Antik Liman and private campsites on the way to Küçükkuyu. If you want to go swimming, then Kadırga Koyu campsites are ideal. At private campsites, then you have the option of camping in a tent or in a caravan.