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The most delicious flavors of the world always with you!

Turkish Airlines offers the most delicious flavors of Turkish and world cuisine with care to its passengers both on board and before or after your flight. From flying chefs to Turkish Airlines Lounge, from exclusive dishes served to some of our passengers to gastronomic events sponsored by us, we always support Turkish and world cuisine.

Bocuse d'Or

Bringing chefs from their kitchens to global stage, Bocuse d’Or enriches world cuisine. Take a close look at this event hosting the world’s best chefs with Turkish Airlines as its transportation sponsor.

Turkish Airlines Lounge

You can taste our special flavors prepared exclusively for you while waiting for your flight departure time, transit flight or after flight, and spend an enjoyable time with Turkish Airlines Lounge's entertaining facilities.

Best cuisines of the world

In addition to landmarks worth visiting during your travel, how about tasting the local flavors as well? Do not forget to check out our list including best cuisines of the world prepared specially for you.

Michelin-starred cities

Which cities have the most Michelin-Starred restaurants? You can view the flavors of local or world cuisines in our Michelin-starred cities guide prepared exclusively for you.

A tasteful interview with our flying chef

Have you met our flying chefs who have practice their craftmanship in the sky? Our flying chef Eren Berker tells the intricacies of preparing tasty food in the sky. Now sit back and enjoy this tasteful interview.

Questions & Answers for flying chef