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Dear Agent, 

It is important for the Airlines to be able to notify passengers for any changes in their flights in advance and not to cause any passenger grievances in extraordinary circumstances. The only way to do this is to have an accessible passenger contact information. Otherwise, passengers can not be informed about the possible critical information. 

In many reservations made by agencies, it has been identified that passenger contact information is not shared with Airlines in accordance with standards. Accordingly, Resolution 830d, which includes reservation procedures that accredited agencies must comply with, has been amended as of 1 June 2019. 

As per to the amendments; 

  1. First of all, agencies should ask the passengers if they want to share their contact information with the Carrier/s in the flight segment in case of operational disruptions. 
  2. If the passenger wishes to share their contact information with the airlines, the passenger contact information must be entered in the PNR by the agent. 
  3. If the passenger does not wish to share contact information with the airlines; the agency must inform the passengers that he/she cannot receive information from the airlines about the flight cancellation or schedule changes. 

In order to enter passenger information in the PNR, the Contact Information Formats that agents should use are shown below: 

  • SSR CTCM (Mobile Phone Number) 
  • SSR CTCE (E-Mail Address) 
  • SSR CTCR (Declares that the passenger does not wish to share his/her contact information) 

Amendment to Resolution 830d is as follows: 

Resolution 830d, Paragraph 4: 


4. To be able to advise passengers of irregular flight operations and disruptions Members and BSP Airlines need to have sufficient contact details available to proactively contact the passengers. Consequently the Agent should provide contact details on behalf of the passenger by entering in the Passenger Name Record (PNR) the passenger?s mobile phone number and email address, while maintaining compliance with all applicable data protection directives and regulations. Contact details should be entered in the PNR in compliance with the Resolutions governing reservations procedures. Members and BSP Airlines shall use these contact details exclusively for the purpose of operational notifications, e.g. flight cancellation, schedule change, etc. and shall not use the contact details for sales & marketing purposes. 

In the event the passenger exercises his or her right not to provide contact details it is incumbent on the Agent to indicate that the passenger has declined to provide such details, and to enter the refusal in the PNR to limit any statutory liability. In such a case, the passenger shall not be provided information relating to flight cancellation or schedule changes (including delay in departure).