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6 amazing locations for yoga lovers

Yoga has become an integral touchstone in people’s lives, a way of life. Often perceived as just a sport, yoga is a philosophy that can be practiced in a number of locations and is not just confined to home or a studio. Grab your yoga mat and take your special ritual to a new destination that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, fresh and spritely. We have compiled a list of cities that have yoga retreats offering a whole variety of yoga, from Ashtanga, Vinyasa, hot yoga or ice yoga.

1.  Cappadocia, Turkey

Greet the sunrise with a sun salutation in the beautiful mystic scenery of Cappadocia. Feel the earth beneath your feet and the warm glow of the sun as birds sing in the trees. The organic surroundings and uniqueness of this beautiful location make for a one of a kind yoga experience. Visit a yoga retreat or practice yoga on your own and absorb the tranquil settings. The Güvercinlik, Kızıl, Devrent and Paşabağ valleys, Karadağ and Avanos have an ample variety of yoga spots for you to enjoy. Why not take a hot air balloon ride after a nice yoga session? Book a flight to Nevşehir for an unforgettable yoga experience in the mystical Cappadocia.

2.  Rishikesh, India

India is the birthplace of yoga and the mysticism permeates the land and radiates a spiritual ambience. Find peace within the chaotic busy streets and visit yoga retreats where you can train with a number of incredible yoga gurus. Rishikesh is a prime location for yoga. Try and coincide your travels with the Satsang events, which is a wise Indian saying that means “stand by the truth”. Meet yoga guru at these events in February and March, jam-packed with talks and all things yoga. Don’t forget to participate in the Yoga Festival. To reach Rishikesh, book a flight to Delhi and rent a car.

3.  Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand is another magnificent destination for yoga, that offers hustle and bustle as well as tranquility. Thailand’s second largest island, Koh Samui, is a yoga dwelling, that offers many different yoga experiences. Pristine beaches and lush forests make for an incredible yoga experience heightened by the Buddhist ambience. There are all number of yoga retreats, some luxurious others more bohemian. You do not need to reside at these retreats to join in the yoga experience. You can join in the daily yoga tours in a warm, tropical environment that are designed for both professionals and beginners of yoga. Book a flight to Bangkok, then transfer on a one-hour flight to Koh Samui Island.

4.  Zurich, Switzerland

Yoga was born in Rishikesh, on the outskirts of the Himalayan Mountains. Yet the yoga tradition has spread as far as the Alps in Zurich. Here you can practice yoga in the shade of the mountains, surrounded by scenic views and rivers to your heart’s content. The yoga destinations in Zurich are highly relaxing and have been on the rise in recent years, coinciding with the growing interest of the Swiss in yoga. There are plenty of experienced yoga instructors residing in Zurich that can guide you along your yoga journey. At the yoga retreats, you can stay at stone house or tree house accommodations, eat vegan food and collect organic fruit and vegetables. To bathe in the river on the outskirts of the Alps and revel in the all-embracing silence, book a flight to Zurich.

5.  Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an ideal spot for those looking for peace and quiet, an escape into nature and culture. Rightly so, as Bali is a tourist’s dream with pristine beaches, magnificent mountains, where nature and Balinese culture are intertwined. Timeless spirituality, lush tropical forests, yoga houses made from bamboo, and the sound of waves… This spirituality all rests on the culture of Bali and Hinduism. In this unique setting, by the lush tropical forests looking out at the vast ocean, you will experience a mind, body and soul awakening. Book a flight to Bali and visit the yoga studios based on the island, where you can fine-tune your yoga skills. In addition, visit Ubud, a location famous for a romantic comedy film, which is also home to some incredible yoga camps.

6.  Stockholm, Sweden

How about ice yoga? Sweden has a unique take on yoga and now offers yoga on ice. Treat yourself to an exciting yoga experience on the Baltic Sea in North Sweden. As the new trend of hot yoga emerged, ice yoga shortly followed, bringing yoga practice, to a whole other level. Breathe in the pure, cool air and tingle in cold climate makes for an unforgettable, somewhat challenging yoga experience. Yoga on ice is dependent on weather conditions and can be practiced for up to 45 minutes. After yoga, take a dip in the icy sea then head to the sauna in your cozy wooden cabin. Afterwards, make sure to partake in the classic Swedish coffee ceremony, fika. Book a flight to Stockholm for a unique, exciting yoga experience.