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Updated information regarding catering services

Protecting the health of passengers and employees on our aircraft is our utmost priority. In line with other coronavirus-related measures, we have made temporary changes in our catering services. To minimize contact between crew and passengers in accordance with health recommendations, we have prepared sanitary packed meals for contactless in-flight dining.

  • Our catering sets offer single-use products.
  • Water is available on domestic flights and international flights of up to 2 hours.
  • Catering packages or boxes offered on international flights of more 2 hours, will differ according to flight class and distance.
  • Special meal options are not available at this time. These include meals requested due to health status, religious beliefs, or nutritional preferences.
  • We have introduced certain restrictions on the variety of beverages on our flights. All drinks are offered in single-serve packages.

We look forward to again welcoming you with our rich food and beverage options as soon as possible. We wish you healthy and safe travel.