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Another facility for our passengers with disability

We are cancelling the requirement to submit related documents in each flight for discounts provided to our passengers with disability. Our passengers with disability, activating their Miles&Smiles membership by submitting a “proof of disability” document only once, will now benefit from a 20% discount in domestic flights and a 25% discount for international flights without the need to present any further documents.

In Turkish Airlines operated flights departing from Turkey, it is now enough for our passengers with disability to activate their Miles&Smiles membership by submitting a “proof of disability” document only once. Our passengers with disability will not be required to present any further documents in each flight to benefit from a 20% discount for domestic flight tickets and a 25% discount for international flight tickets.

Accepted documents

When our passengers with disability become Miles&Smiles members with submitting one of the following documents, no further documents will be required from them.

  • A disabled ID card obtained from the Directorate General of Services for Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly (Aile,Çalışma ve Sosyal Hizmetler Bakanlığı’na bağlı Engelli ve Yaşlı Hizmetler Genel Müdürlüğü)
  • Medical board report demonstrating disability rate of 40% and above obtained from a general state hospital
  • National Identity Card containing “disability” expression
Beginning from 01 February 2018, our passengers with disability can have discounted tickets issued at our sales offices and authorized agencies in Turkey or from our call center after filling out the feedback form.

Discounted ticketing

For passengers wishing to buy tickets from our sales offices or authorized agencies, it is enough to go to our sales offices or authorized agencies with a proof of disability document. Passengers wishing to buy tickets from our call center are required to fill out the feedback form and upload proof of disability document to the system whether they are Miles&Smiles members or not. You are required to make the following selections when filling out the feedback form.

  • Feedback category: “Miles&Smiles Program”
  • Feedback reason: "Request"
  • Feedback subject: "Discount"

Proof of disability document must be uploaded in “Your File” section.

Terms and Conditions

  • Miles&Smiles membership is activated in 7 days at the latest after the feedback form is filled.
  • Following the activation of Miles&Smiles membership, passengers can have their discounted tickets issued.
  • Passenger with disability discount is also applied in connecting flights.
  • Passenger with disability discount cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • Tickets, for which passenger with disability discount is applied, can be reissued or refunded.
  • Original fare rules are valid for other application conditions within the scope of passenger with disability discount.

For detailed information regarding transportation of passengers with disability, you can visit our passengers with a medical condition or disability page.

Companion passenger discount

Discounted tickets can also be issued for the companions of our passengers with disability provided that they travel together. In order to benefit from discount, the companion card given to passenger with disability by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy or proof of disability document demonstrating the “right to have a companion” must be submitted to our sales offices.

Our efforts to cancel the requirement for our companion passengers to present related documents continue. Furthermore, we are working on a feature that will enable issuing discounted tickets for passengers with disability from our website and mobile app.