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Tantalize your taste buds in the clouds

Enjoy new tastes during your flight by taking advantage of the add-on menu service offered for Economy Class passengers. You can select your add-on menu order from our website, mobile application, sales offices and call center or through our agencies up to 24 hours before your flight departs.

Terms and conditions

  • Add-on menus are available only for Economy Class flights.
  • For reasons such as operational disruption or food safety, add-on menu selections may not be available for every flight.
  • The add-on menu selection fee may be refunded if passengers are unable to board the flight due to a disruption caused by the airline. A refund can be requested from the call center or by completing the feedback form.
  • For detailed information, please click here to read the Terms and conditions for selecting add-on menus.

Foods offered in the add-on menus may contain ingredients that may cause allergies. If you have allergies, please review the information regarding our menu content when making your selections. For detailed information about our menu content you can visit the Allergen nutrient content warnings page.