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Registered baggage

To avoid any problems on your journey, you can review all our warnings about registered baggage below and on our restrictions page.

Registered baggage calculation tool

You can use our baggage calculation tool examine destination-based registered baggage rights and find out excess baggage fees. Some conditions and rights may vary depending on the flight; moreover, the most accurate details can be obtained from the baggage information on the reservation and ticket.

*Any exceptional cases that cannot be viewed with our baggage calculation tool are as follows.


Baggage conditions

  • On all flights, a single piece of baggage can weigh up to 32kg. We do not accept any one piece of baggage weighing more than 32kg.
  • To avoid trouble entering the country you are travelling to, you should make sure that you are not carrying any are restricted or prohibited food items.
  • Infant passengers are entitled to a piece of baggage weighing 10 kg on each flight and 23 kg on flights under the piece baggage application. Additionally, strollers that do not exceed 115 cm are allowed on all flights. Child passengers have the same amount of baggage allowance as adult passengers.
  • Which airline baggage rules are applicable for international flights carried out as an interline with another airline is determined within the framework of the methods of IATA (International Air Transport Association). The practices of the Most Important Carrier (MSC) apply to baggage rights that can be carried within the framework of these rules. The Most Important Carrier (MSC) is usually the longest leg airlines, but there may be some exceptions.
  • US DOT (US Department of Transportation) applications are valid on interline flights from/to the United States and CTA (Canada Transportation Agency) applications are valid on interline flights from/to Canada. Accordingly, the rules of the First Marketing Carrier, which makes the first course of your travels to the relevant destination, apply to all travel. This carrier may also choose to apply Most Significant Carrier if it wishes.
  • For information regarding the baggage allowance on international flights, please check the lists of regions operated with KG application and regions operated with piece baggage application.
  • The piece concept of baggage shall not be applied to domestic flights. For domestic flights, the kilogram concept will continue to be in effect.

Restricted Items and Allowance

  • Liquid and semi-solid substances in your registered baggage (under the aircraft) that are at risk of leakage, spillage and contamination are only admitted on board with proper packaging (taking precautions against breakage, leakage, spillage and contamination). 
  • The liquid material that will be transported should be packaged in a vacuum, sealed, locked or adhesive bag so that it can contain the liquid and a protector. Any items that are at risk of leakage, spillage or contamination, such as cardboard/tin boxes, sacks, plastic bags or containers are not allowed on board in cabin baggage or free baggage. 
  • The amount of liquid that can be carried in your registered baggage (excluding water without additives) cannot exceed a maximum of 5 liters and each should be sealed in one-liter packages of a maximum of one liter. 
  • Check our restrictions page for important information on baggage handling before travelling.

Sports equipment, music equipment and excess baggage

  • We ensure that your sports gear gets to your destination for a reasonable price, and we even provide free carriage for the first set of equipment for many sports, including skiing and golf, on the first international flight. For more detailed information about sports equipment, you can visit our sports equipment page.
  • When free baggage allowance limit is exceeded, baggage is considered to be excess baggage. You can purchase excess baggage allowance via our online channels and sales offices.

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