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Flights to Nigeria

Abuja English, Yoruba, Hausa
Nigerian Naira 190,9 million
New Year (January 01), Osun Feast (February 25-26), Women’s Day (March 08), Labor Day (May 01), Democracy Day (May 29), Independence Day (August 03), Id El Kabir (September 24-25), National Day (October 01), Islamic New Year, Christmas (December 25), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Nigeria, officially known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is the most populous country in Africa. Ranking among the top populous countries worldwide as well, Nigeria shines out as one of the largest two economies on the continent by its rich natural resources. Declaring independence in 1960 after being a British colony for long years, Nigeria is cited as “The heart of Africa” also by its people. The country indeed is one of the most attractive spots in the African continent by its magnificent nature, cacao production, and petroleum and natural gas reserves.

Take a look at the flights to Nigeria now and enjoy a pleasant and privileged journey with Turkish Airlines if you are also interested in visiting this one of a kind country remarkable for its mesmerizing nature, outstanding cuisine, local myths and deep blue sea.

Flight Details

Nigeria flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to two different destinations in Nigeria: Abuja and Lagos. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) land at Nnamdı Azikiwe Airport (ABV) in the capital Abuja within nearly seven hours. Lagos, as one of the most developed Nigerian cities, hosts the busiest airport countrywide as being a destination high in demand all the time. Flights with Turkish Airlines to Murtala Mohammed International Airport (LOS) in Lagos take seven hours and thirty minutes in average.

Nigeria has high temperatures almost every season, which makes the country an ideal alternative to be visited also in cold winter days. Beaches especially in Lagos region are flooded by thousands all year round. Moreover, Nigeria’s multicultural presence and history full of myths pave the way for events and festivals beyond comparison that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

The most colorful festival in Nigeria is certainly Lagos Carnival. Held in Easter every year, the carnival colors up the streets enthusiastically, hosting the splendid performances of dancers with traditional costumes. Eyo Festival, held also in Lagos is amongst the most amusing events countrywide. The festival, of which main color is white, is organized in February every year, ranking among the top attention-grabbing events in Nigeria by the performances of numerous dancers and artists. Lagos International Jazz Festival in November, on the other hand, is one of the most remarkable music organizations in the country.

Argungu Fishing Festival, celebrating and esteeming the fishery which has a great importance in the local culture, is held every year in March as one of the oldest festivals in the country. Organized in Kebbi state since 1934, this festival lasts for four days where hundreds of fishermen from all over the world compete to catch the biggest fish. Those wishing to witness the mythological Nigerian culture should not miss Osun Festival. As the festival of Yoruba people, Osun is celebrated every year in the last week of August to commemorate Oshun, the Goddess of Water. You may turn your stay at Nigeria into unforgettable moments by joining this festival held with mystical ceremonies in Oshogbo Sacred Grove.

Attraction Points

Nigeria sightseeing and attractions

The capital Abuja is a young city established in the recent past. Although the majority of the artifacts in the city are newly-built, all are worth-seeing by their glory. Jabi Lake Shopping Mall in Abuja town border is one of the most modern and vibrant spots in the city where you can both shop and join boat tours on the lake. Similarly, Magicland Abuja, or formerly named as Wonderland, gets credit by its playgrounds for all ages and recreational gardens. Abuja National Mosque, on the other hand, is a fascinating structure by its modern architecture. As one of the most significant religious centers in Nigeria, National Christian Centre is simply worth-seeing by its Neo-Gothic architecture and pompous arches.

You should definitely allow time to also see the natural beauties in Abuja. Make sure to visit Guarara Waterfalls by its enthralling landscape, together with Abuja Millennium Park, as the country’s largest national park hosting many animal and plant species. In addition, another valuable attraction in the capital is the Thought Pyramid Art Centre in the heat of the city. Established to gather together, maintain and promote the contemporary African art, this art centre shines out as a must-see spot to gain an insight about the country’s cultural background.

Abuja owns a highly well-planned infrastructure for a young city. However, note that there is no alternative means of transport within the city, other than taxi motors. Therefore, it would be best to rent a car to visit every spot in the capital comfortably.

The second most visited Nigerian city is the former capital Lagos. As the largest city countrywide, Lagos offers wonderful opportunities for those interested in culture and art. National Theatre arousing interest by its modern design, Nike Art Gallery with a splendid collection of contemporary works of art, and National Museum of Nigeria offering a chance to witness the country’s history in depth rank among the top attractions contributing to the cultural background of Lagos. Nevertheless, Lagos owns its popularity to the luxury shopping malls, large galleries and splendid beaches in Victoria Island. Bar Beach by its vast crystal sands, and Eloka Beach where you can also shop and find local goods are the top popular spots in the city.

Start planning your travel without delay to join the colorful festivals of Lagos, enjoy visiting the luxury malls like The Palms Shopping Center or King’s Plaza or walk around Lekki Market where you can find various products reflecting the country’s national culture.

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