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Due to our move to our new home Istanbul Airport, cancellations have occured on some of our flights between 5-20 of April 2019. For further information you can visit our flight status page.

The best part of the journey: Stopover in Istanbul


What would you say to an unforgettable adventure with a stopover in Istanbul? You’re invited to experience the legendary views of the Bosphorus, spectacular palaces, and a rich variety of shopping and entertainment. You’ll also enjoy free accommodation on your stopover in Istanbul with your flight departing from Russia. Istanbul is calling, so get ready for the most exciting days of your trip!

Stopover in Istanbul

The world's meeting point, Istanbul Airport

Find out all you need to know about Istanbul Airport! Video guide, frequently asked questions, transportation information and lounges.

Meet now

Now, it is time to fly from Krasnodar!

You can now fly from Krasnodar 7 days a week! Starting from April 1, 2019 with daily and non-stop flights. Now is the time to start exploring the world from Krasnodar!