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Partner agencies

We offer more effective services to our corporate customers through the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club Partner Agency application. A Partner Agency, assigned as the agency of the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club Program member company, can provide services such as issuing tickets.

Advantages of being a partner agency

  • You are authorized by Turkish Airlines Corporate Club member corporate companies
  • You have the prestige of being a Turkish Airlines partner agency
  • You take part in new markets
  • You create new collaborations
  • You increase the turnover and market share
  • You meet potential new customers
  • You have a strong position in the competitive market

Our partner agencies

Turkish Airlines Corporate Club credit card holders can purchase tickets from Turkish Airlines Corporate Club Partner Agencies at discounted prices.

Adana travel agencies Learn more

  • Adana Tourism Travel Agency
  • Sarus Tourism Travel Agency
  • Tokbey Tourism & Travel Ltd. Co.

Ankara travel agencies Learn more

  • 78 Temka Tour Travel Agency
  • Action Tourism Travel Agency
  • Akula Tourism Travel Agency
  • Alabanda Tourism Travel
  • Ariva Tourism
  • Ayakizi Tourism Travel
  • Bildays Tourism Travel Agency
  • Bilkon Tourism Travel Agency
  • Bizim Ada Tourism Travel
  • Bto Bilimtur Tic.
  • Buto Tourism
  • DOK-TUR Tourism
  • Ekan Tourism
  • Elif Çetinsoy Candaş Tourism
  • Erem Grup Tourism
  • Erka Tourism
  • Flap Travel Tourism Agency
  • Future Tourism
  • Gess Travel
  • GİNTAŞ Tourism and Travel Agency
  • Gurudan Tourism Travel Agency
  • Kubaba Tourism and Travel Agency
  • Kulin Tourism and Travel
  • Kutup Group Tourism
  • Leton Travel and Tourism Agency
  • Malife Tourism Travel Agency
  • Pinto Tourism Travel Agency
  • Prowin Tourism Travel Agency
  • Repino Travel Agency
  • Saltur Tourism
  • Serena Tourism and Travel Inc.
  • Setur
  • Silver Tourism Travel Agency
  • Taflan Tourism and Travel
  • Tan-ba Tour Tourism Travel
  • Turgng Group Tourism Travel
  • Ultra Tur ve Travel Agency
  • Uygar Tourism Travel Agency
  • Van Der Zee Tourism and Travel Service
  • Vero Tourism
  • Yabanabad Tour Travel Agency

Antalya travel agencies Learn more

  • Agne Tur Travel Agency
  • Ariassos Travel - Lara Havacılık Seyahat Organizasyon Taş. Tur. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
  • AYT Tour
  • Biletbul Tourism Travel Agency
  • Bilyana Tourism Travel
  • Capavia Tourism Travel
  • DLT Tourism Travel Agency
  • Fenomen Tourism Travel
  • Gama Iati Tourism
  • Ginza Tourism Travel Agency
  • Spring Time Tourism and Travel Agency

Aydın travel agencies Learn more

  • Katar Tourism

Batman travel agencies Learn more

  • Bat-Air Tourism
  • Beyaz Köşk Tourism Agency
  • Beykent Tourism Travel Agency
  • Cuda Tourism Travel Agency
  • Masiva Travel Tourism
  • Ramani Tourism
  • Siirt Meydan Tourism Travel Agency
  • Tekalp Tourism Agency

Bodrum travel agencies Learn more

  • Derinege Turizm Ticaret San. Taş. Gıda Ltd. Şti.

Çorum travel agencies Learn more

  • Sortie Tourism
  • Çavuşoğlu Tourism and Travel Agency

Elazığ travel agencies Learn more

  • Zerka Tourism Travel Agency

Gaziantep travel agencies Learn more

  • Asrın Tourism Travel Agency
  • Beyazyol Tourism Travel
  • Kantara Tourism and Travel
  • Kılınçoğlu Tourism
  • GZT Tourism and Travel Agency
  • Seç Tourism Travel Agency
  • TST Tourism and Travel Agency
  • Zeugma Tourism
  • Zöhre Tourism

Hatay travel agencies Learn more

  • Hemdem Tourism Travel Agency
  • JJ Tourism Travel Agency
  • Keşif Tourism Travel Agency
  • Koşar Tourism and Travel Agency
  • RENDE Tia Tourism

Istanbul travel agencies Learn more

  • 1481 Tourism and Organisation
  • Adige Travel (Yidar Tourism)
  • Ankaris Turi̇zm Agency
  • Antur Tourism Inc.
  • Artı Tourism
  • Arusa Tourism Travel Agency
  • Asiena Tourism
  • Aymin Tourism Travel Agency
  • Barsan Tourism Travel Agency
  • Bek Kongre Tourism Travel Agency
  • Beti Tourism
  • Beytur Tourism Travel Agency
  • Birbilet Tourism
  • Birlik Tourism and Travel Agency
  • BNG Turtual Tourism Travel
  • Bosa Tourism
  • Campus Tourism Travel Agency
  • Cey Cey Tourism
  • Coral Travel Inc.
  • Corbacıoğulları Tourism and Insurance Agency
  • Covo Tourism
  • Cristo Tourism Travel Agency
  • De Lüks Tourism and Travel Agency
  • Delano Tourism
  • DHR Travel Travel Agency
  • Dilruba Tur Travel Agency
  • Dokuz Işık Tourism
  • Dorak Tourism
  • Duru Tourism
  • Ebrar Tourism Travel Agency
  • Ecrintur Tourism Travel
  • Ege Demir Tourism
  • Enuygun Com Internet Inc.
  • Eryabilet Tourism Travel Agency
  • ETS Ersoy Tourism Travel
  • ETUR Tourism Travel Agency
  • ETYA Tourism
  • EVKA Tourism
  • FHS Tourism Travel Agency
  • FCM Travel Solutions Tourism
  • Fuego Travel
  • G.O. Tourism and Travel Agency
  • Gacela Tourism
  • Gama Tourism Travel Agency
  • GoLife Tourism
  • Golden Bay Tour Tourism
  • Gurme Tourism Travel Agency
  • Guntur Tourism
  • Hafel Tourism Travel
  • Heya Tourism
  • Highest International Tourism
  • İlktur Travel Agency
  • İstanbul Hisar Tourism Travel
  • ITB Istanbul Travel
  • Jolly International Tours
  • Kapados Tour Tourism
  • Karacı Tourism
  • Karesi Tourism Travel Agency
  • Karizma Tourism Travel
  • Karya Tour Travel Agency
  • Kefeli Tourism Travel
  • Kırsan Travel Agency
  • Kontuar Tourism
  • Kuzey Tour
  • Majak Tourism and Travel Agency
  • Marm Tourism Travel Agency
  • Mavi Dalga Tourism Travel Agency
  • Mazi Tour Tourism
  • Medico Tourism Travel Agency
  • Meridian Tour Tourism
  • Merkür Tourism
  • Miles Tourism
  • Moba Tourism
  • Mobella Tourism Travel
  • Moris Tourism
  • Naviga Tour Travel Agency
  • Node Tourism
  • P.E Tour Travel Agency
  • Perga Tourism Travel Agency
  • Plaza Tourism
  • Pronto Tourism Travel Agency
  • Ronesans Tourism Travel
  • Rustur Tourism
  • Sakarova Tourism
  • Sakarya Tourism
  • Salontur Tourism
  • Santa Tourism Travel Agency
  • Scarpe Tourism Travel Agency
  • Section Tourism
  • Sekman Tourism and Travel Agency
  • Ser-can Tour Travel Agency
  • Ser-vis Travel
  • Ses Tourism
  • Siena Tourism
  • Sky Tourism Travel Agency
  • Sn Travel Tourism
  • Starship Travel Agency
  • Sunfly Tourism Travel Agency
  • Taksim Havayolları Tourism
  • Tatilbudur Travel Agency
  • Tekser Tourism and Travel
  • Titco Tour Travel Agency
  • To Be Travel Travel Agency
  • Tour Bemol Travel Agency
  • Travel Industry Tourism Travel
  • Traveland Tourism (2n1k Tourism)
  • Travelbag Tourism and Travel
  • Travellab Tourism
  • Trio Tourism
  • Troya Tourism
  • TT Tourism
  • Titco Tourism
  • Türk Ekspres Aviation and Tourism
  • Ulusoy Tourism and Travel Agency
  • Vvenia Tourism
  • Viking Tourism Travel Agency
  • Vista Tourism and Travel
  • Worldwide Tourism Travel
  • Yaprak Travel Tourism Agency
  • Yeditur Tourism
  • Yüzyil Tourism Travel Agency
  • Zethos Tourism

Izmir travel agencies Learn more

  • Aretur Tourism
  • Arkas Tourism Travel Agency
  • Ayşatur Travel Agency
  • Burak Tourism Travel Agency
  • Deytour
  • Dumanlar Tourism Travel Agency
  • Ece Tourism and Trade Ltd.
  • Europlan Tourism
  • Evreka Tourism (Olio Tourism)
  • Havatur Tourism Trade Ltd. Co.
  • Italtur Tourism Travel
  • Lady Tourism Travel Agency
  • Maskot Tourism
  • Medlog Travel
  • Niyazoglu Tourism Travel Trade
  • Nuhr Tourism Travel Agency
  • Rossi Tourism
  • Traveli Kanali Tourism and Trd. Co. Ltd.
  • Uysel Tourism (Gezenthi Travel)
  • Vito Tourism Organisation Travel Agency
  • Voli Centro Tourism Travel

Kahramanmaraş travel agencies Learn more

  • Güzelbulut Tourism and Travel

Kayseri travel agencies Learn more

  • Alvis Tourism Travel Automotive Industry and Trade Ltd.
  • Barida Tourism Travel Automotive
  • Doa Tourism (In-way Tourism)
  • Pınar Erten Tourism Travel
  • Tilda Tourism Travel Agency

Kocaeli travel agencies Learn more

  • Turindex Tourism Travel

Konya travel agencies Learn more

  • Cengiz Tourism Travel Agency
  • Cici Tourism Travel Agency
  • Düzey Tourism Travel Agency
  • Konsey Tourism
  • Mona Tourism Travel Agency
  • Serafina Tour Travel Agency

Muş travel agencies Learn more

  • ICF Yapı Tourism Travel and Hotels Ind. Trd. Ltd. Co.

Nevşehir travel agencies Learn more

  • Cakır Tourism Travel and Hotels Ind. Trd. Co. Ltd.

Samsun travel agencies Learn more

  • Aniş Tourism Travel Agency
  • Çavuşoğlu Tourism and Travel Agency
  • H-G Tourism Travel Agency
  • Mersuvan Tourism
  • Tria Tourism

Şanlıurfa travel agencies Learn more

  • Urhay Tourism

Trabzon travel agencies Learn more

  • Bordo Blue Tours
  • Dimasya Tourism
  • Kunet Tourism
  • Torlak Tourism

Van travel agencies Learn more

  • Ayanis Tourism Travel Agency
  • Bronz Tourism

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