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Situated along the North Sea, Gothenburg ranks among the top Scandinavian destinations shining out by its vibrant lifestyle and breathtaking beauty. What makes Gothenburg so popular is definitely its passion to art and music which is constantly with you around every corner, accompanied by the city’s charming landscape that would heat up even the cold weather in wintertime. A large number of tourists visit Gothenburg all year round to get to know this splendid city better and to have an enjoyable vacation full of unforgettable memories.

Turkish Airlines flights from the delightful Swedish city Gothenburg to one of the large cities in Iraq, Erbil is in high demand. Take a look at the flight tickets offered between these two cities now to enjoy a pleasant and safe journey up in the clouds.

Turkish Airlines offers one or two flight alternatives on a daily basis from Gothenburg to Erbil. Operated as connecting over Istanbul Airport (IST), the number of flights remains quite the same throughout the year. The duration of the journey in this route varies by the layover at Istanbul, ranging from 11 to 30 hours in average.

Turkish Airlines turns the layover into a wonderful opportunity to explore the magnificent Istanbul during your journey from Gothenburg to Erbil. The sightseeing service Touristanbul is offered complimentary to passengers with a layover between 6 to 24 hours, providing a chance to see closer beautiful Istanbul.

From: Gothenburg

Turkish Airlines Gothenburg Flights

One of the largest cities in Sweden, Gothenburg shines out as the largest port in its region, ranking among the top developed cities countrywide in commerce and tourism. The city also has an extremely dynamic profile thanks to its young population.

In addition to the pretty Göta River the city is located along, Gothenburg arouses interest by its historical artifacts remaining from the Medieval Age. This adorable city which is in high demand all year round offers a wide range of alternatives to its guests for a vacation full of pleasant memories. Gothenburg Museum of Art evoking admiration by its works dating back to the 15th century, Röhsska Museum standing out by its rich collections and the science and research complex Universeum are the top attractions in the city. It would be a splendid experience to also visit the opera hall named Goteborgsoperan during your stay in this charming city. Make sure to also see the Botanical Garden, which is the favorite spot of the tourists fond of spending time in the open air, as well as Lisaberg Park, drawing interest by its spectacular landscape.

There are two airports serving in Gothenburg: Landvetter Airport (GOT) and Gothenburg City Airport (GSE). Turkish Airlines flights from Gothenburg take off from Landvetter Airport (GOT).

Transportation to Landvetter Airport (GOT)

You may use the public buses to reach Landvetter Airport (GOT) which is located 25 kilometers to Gothenburg city center. Operating from the Central Railway Station, these buses get to the airport within nearly 25 minutes, unless there is no heavy traffic.

There are not much public transport alternatives for reaching Landvetter Airport (GOT). If you do not wish to wait for a bus or get to the bus station, you may also take the cabs serving 7/24 all around the city to reach the airport in a comfortable way.

Destination: Erbil

Turkish Airlines Erbil Flights

Erbil has a highly cosmopolitan population as one of the most significant cities in Iraq. The city with a deep-rooted history offers an exclusive and unique experience to its visitors with a style as a blend of the Mystical Middle Eastern and Mesopotamian culture. Inhabitants strictly adhered to traditions and their lifestyles on one side, skyscrapers, shopping malls and plazas on the other… The modern Erbil offers a truly delightful vacation for all its guests.

During your stay, do not forget to see the Citadel of Erbil, which stands out by its historic value. Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this noteworthy artifact bears the traces of many civilizations. Moreover, Sami Abdulrahman Park region would be the perfect spot for those wishing to be in touch with the nature. Attracting attention by its event spaces, social platforms and cafés, the park is one of the most vibrant locations in the city. Shanidar Cave and Gelielib Falls are among the top favorite spots of the nature lover tourists. Bazaar where you can find traditional pieces and buy souvenirs, and Jalil Khayat Mosque with its brilliant architecture are other must-see attractions in Erbil.

Transportation from Erbil International Airport (EBL) to the city center

The only means of public transport for reaching the city center from Erbil International Airport (EBL) is the airport shuttles serving in every 15 minutes from the airport. You may easily reach many central spots in Erbil via these shuttles. In addition, it is possible to use the cabs which are at your service 7/24 as well.

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