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Flights to Eritrea

Asmara Arabic, Tigrinya
Eritrea Nakfa 5,415 million
New Year (January 01), Orthodox New Year (January 07), Women’s Day (March 08), Labor Day (May 01), Independence Day (May 24), Easter, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Islamic New Year, Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed

Bounded by Ethiopia in the south, Sudan in the west and Djibouti in the southeast, Eritrea is an Eastern African country, encircled by the Red Sea to the northeast. Having been an Italian colony for long years, Eritrea has gained independence in 1993, following its separation from Ethiopia. In addition to owning the peerless nature of the African continent, Eritrea hosts different ethnic groups and shines out by its prosperous culture, together with its significant archeological remains. Eritrea would be an ideal choice for those looking for an extraordinary holiday experience.

If you are interested in exploring Eritrea by its attractive artifacts remaining from the colonial period, its utterly colorful cities and sincere people, take a look at the flight tickets offered by Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged and comfortable journey up in the clouds.

Flight Details

Eritrea flight details

Flights to Eritrea with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Asmara International Airport (ASM) in the country’s capital within four and a half hours in average.

As a country with a tropical monsoon climate, temperatures do not go much below in Eritrea. Nevertheless, it can be said that Eritrea is colder than other African countries. Rather than being hot and dry, its mild climate allows the country to be visited at all seasons. Flights to Eritrea are in demand especially during the months of winter, as many people prefer visiting the country in this season for warming up and enjoying an outstanding experience.

Attraction Points

Eritrea sightseeing and attractions

The capital Asmara is a delightful city which would exceedingly satisfy the visitors by its numerous worth-seeing spots, as well as its modern point of view developed following the country’s independence. Often cited as “Little Rome” as it was an Italian colony for long years, this lovely city hosts many historical artifacts to visit. Catholic Church in Harnet Street, drawing interest by its Italian Romanesque style is an interesting blend of Italian and Eritrean architecture. The Opera House built around 1920s as one of the most stylish buildings in Asmara is another must-see stop, being one of the best models of the colonial architecture. Moreover, Cinema Odeon built during 1930s ranks among the top attractive buildings taking you a time travel within the city by its attention-grabbing architecture.

The ideal place to experience the daily life in Eritrea would be the market in the northern part of Harver Street. Being one of the most significant centers in Asmara, this wide market area is full of the freshest products from all over Eritrea, together with souvenirs to buy for your loved ones. The Grand Mosque right next to the historic market is one of the touristic buildings which has witnessed the colonial period. The mosque dates back to 1938 and is fascinating by its architecture as a perfect combination of rationalist, classic and Islamic styles.

Eritrea is a country full of numerous archeological sites. It would be recommendable to visit these sites to get to know this country with a deep-rooted history better. It may accordingly be advantageous to consider the option of car rental for visiting the historic spots both in the city and other destinations nearby the capital in a comfortable way. Thus, you may have a chance to see the town of Emba Derho which is 25 kilometers from the capital; and visit the excavation area in this town on Keren road.

Moreover, Massawa along the Red Sea shines out as a city dating back to ancient ages. Ranking among the oldest settlements in Eritrea, this city hosts countless historical artifacts as it was ruled by Ottomans, Egyptians, Italians and Ethiopians before the country gained its independence. The city of Qohaito, on the other hand, which is located in the southern Eritrea close to the Ethiopian border, is the favorite location for those wishing to see the historical ruins. Surrounded by Eritrea’s highest mountain Emba Soira, Qohaito is home to Adulis Ancient Site, Qohaito Plateau, Egyptian tombs and caves dating back to five thousand years.

Assab, as one of the most popular tourism destinations countrywide, is an extremely colorful and vibrant city along the Red Sea. The city which gets highly crowded in the months of summer offers a splendid stay enjoying the deep blue sea and having peaceful walks in the coastline.

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