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Çek Kazan

With Çek Kazan, you can win prizes in exchange for shopping at your favored brands.

Did you know that in exchange for your shopping purchases on the Çek Kazan application, you can earn the rewards and discounts of many brands, by simply sharing the screenshots of receipts and invoices that you have received? For instance, as a member of Miles&Smiles, customers who share their receipts through the application of Çek Kazan, which you can download free of charge, can instantly receive hundreds of Miles presented by a variety of brands.

Application details

  • To benefit from the campaigns, you need to download the Çek Kazan mobile app, free of charge, on the Apple or Google app stores, accept the necessary terms, and the details of the campaign of each brand.
  • In order to benefit from campaigns that earn you Miles, you need to be a Miles&Smiles member of the Turkish Airlines Frequent Flyer program.
  • The prize is determined by the brands that are campaigning on Çek Kazan. The amount of Miles may vary depending on the campaign and sales point. Check all the details and conditions via the Çek Kazan mobile app or via the website.
  • Customers who share the Miles&Smiles membership code starting with TK on the application will be automatically credited the awarded Miles to their accounts at the end of the campaign.
  • When spending Miles, the general terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles program apply.