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Miles&Smiles members will earn Miles for services provided by Medicana Health Group, a partner of Miles&Smiles in health sector!

Between 01 February 2019 - 31 December 2019, Miles&Smiles members will earn

2,000 extra Miles from 40 (–) male-female check-up panels

2,000 extra Miles from 40 (+) male-female check-up panels

3,000 extra Miles from exclusive male-female check-up panels and benefit from 30% discount advantage.

As one of the pioneers of private hospital sector in Turkey, Medicana Health Group continues its journey to define the future standards of health service with an expansion strategy aiming to spread to the whole country as well as the continuous investments and advances made within this context. 

The services provided in all affiliate hospitals and private medical centers under Medicana Health Group, conform to the quality of world leading institutions and to the international standards of health sector. To reach this level of quality and achieve sustainable success, all technologic developments are immediately adopted and a contemporary and updated infrastructure is maintained with a team that has developed their expertise by constantly monitoring the improvements in their fields of specialty. 

Medicana Health Group is proud to offer high standard 24/7 services in Istanbul at 5 locations, in Ankara, Samsun, Konya and Sivas, through a chain consisting of 12 general and 1 dental hospitals, including Medicana International Istanbul, deemed to be one of the world’s most important private health investments and Medicana International Ankara. With our European Central Office, we contribute to health tourism by conveying our world standard services to the international platform. 

Our works will continue to keep your permanent smile. 

We wish you a healthy, quality and joyful life... 

Our Hospitals 

  • Medicana International Ankara Hospital 
  • Medicana Avcılar Hospital 
  • Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital 
  • Medicana Bursa Hospital 
  • Medicana Haznedar Hospital 
  • Medicana International İstanbul Hospital 
  • Medicana Çamlıca Hospital 
  • Medicana Çamlıca Medical Center 
  • Medicana Kadıköy Hospital 
  • Medicana Konya Hospital 
  • Medicana International Samsun Hospital 
  • Medicana Sivas Hospital

Rules and Conditions

  • You can earn 500 Miles for your health-care spending between 300 TL and 999 TL. 
  • You can earn 1,000 Miles for your health-care spending of or above 1,000 TL. 
  • You can earn 2,000 Miles for under 40 Male – Female check-up panels. 
  • You can earn 2,000 Miles for over 40 Male – Female check-up panels. 
  • You can earn 3,000 Miles for exclusive Male – Female check-up panels. 
  • Miles will be earned for all services received within the same day. 
  • Earning Miles is available in all branches. 
  • To earn Miles, you are required to submit your Miles&Smiles card during payment. 
  • Miles can only be earned in cash or credit card payments. 
  • SSI, bank and institutions, private health insurance payments are excluded. 
  • You are required to submit your card during service provision. 
  • Miles can be also earned for first degree relatives (mother, father, spouse, children). 

For your missing miles, you can apply with e-mail to or call 0850 460 63 34.