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9 important festivals in 2020 that you won’t want to miss out on!

The dates for the upcoming 2020 events are being released. We have compiled a list of the very best events for you. Decide on which events you want to go to now, and start planning your trip!

1. The art and music festival, Coachella!

The annual Coachella Music and Art Festival has been around since 1999, and will yet again be taking place in California, Indio on 17-19 April. Acts of a variety of genres from rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic music will be gracing the stages. The festival also hosts art-related events.

2. Dress up in costumes at Burning Man!

Burning Man, which has been taking place in the Black Rock Desert in the State of Nevada in America since 1986, will take place 30 August – 7 September this year and bring music and art lovers together. The event which is described as a community art experiment by its organizers instead of a festival will last 9 days. Art lovers from around the world will come together fort his event which has a different theme each year; They will exhibit their artworks and put on shows. The event will be livened up with dance, music, art and other forms of art. The participants live in desert conditions, stay in caravans and prepare their food for 9 days. If you want to attend this festival that will leave with interesting memories, book a flight to Las Vegas.

3. Tomato war!

The Tomato Festival, held annually on the last Wednesday of August in Bunol, near Valencia, Spain, falls on August 26th this year. The festival, known as the world's biggest food battle, begins in the morning. As trucks full of tomatoes arrive at the festival site, a large number of people follow the trucks, then comes the tomato war. When the city is painted red and the battle is over participants begin to clean up.

4. A fairytale!

The Venice Carnival, held annually in the Italian city of Venice, famous for its canals, will take place from February 8th to 25th this year. Not only will you get to watch the costume and mask contest held during the last week of the event, but you can also rent costumes and masks from various places and participate in competitions. Just book a flight to Venice and you will feel like you're in a fairy tale.

5. More music!

Tomorrowland, one of the world's largest dance and music festivals, will, as usual, be held from July 17th to 26th in the Boom region of Belgium. Thousands gather to party and see world-famous artists, bands take to the stage. You can also camp at the festival grounds. To get to the festival in Boom, you can book a flight to Brussels and then rent a car.

6. Zooming on!

The Formula 1 racing, will have its longest season in 2020, granting you more exhilaration. A total of 22 races will take place, starting in Melbourne on March 15, ending in Abu Dhabi on November 29. Other races between these dates will take place in cities such as Hanoi, Shanghai, Barcelona, Baku, Budapest, Singapore, and Sao Paulo.

7. The long-awaited Olympics!

The Summer Olympics, one of the world's most important sporting events will take place in Tokyo this year between 24 July – 9 August. The bests in karate, skating, surfing, and climbing will compete in the games, which will include 33 sports in total.

8. Plenty of football!

The European Football Championship will be held in 12 different countries this year between 12 June – 12 July. The games will be played in Germany, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Russia and the final will be held in England.

9. Comic-Con for comic fanatics!

Comic art fans come from far and wide to the Comic-Con held annually in San Diego. This year the festival will take place between 23-26 July. The festival is not just reserved for comic books, you can lose yourself in the exciting world of superheroes, and shop around.