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Travel to Turkey

In our stations where temperature measurement is allowed, measurement is made with non-contact temperature meters during boarding. If our passengers show symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough and respiratory distress above 38°C, they will not be admitted to our flights and will be directed to the relevant health institution.

Please note that in accordance with the guide published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, certain flight restrictions apply for arrivals to Turkey. Passengers are required to obey the conditions below for a healthy and safe flight.

  • All passengers are required to wear masks at the airport and during the flights.
  • All passengers must complete the passenger information form when arriving to Turkey.
  • All passengers will undergo a medical examination and those showing symptoms will have tests performed.
  • Passengers with a positive test result will take medical treatment.

The personal HES code is mandatory only for the domestic flights. For details, please review our Hayat Eve Sığar page.

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Learn more

Last update 21.10.2020

The Council of Ministers of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus issued directives regarding passenger entry. Please review the notes below for a safe and healthy travel.

  • As of July 5, 2020, all passengers arriving in the country, including citizens and non-citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, via sea, airports and land crossing points will be evaluated within the framework of the conditions listed in each of the three categories listed below.

In accordance with the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures taken by the Ministry of Health, all passengers, including citizens of the TRNC, arriving via private and/or scheduled flights will be evaluated according to the risk group of the country from which they arrive. Evaluations are in the following three categories and in accordance with the conditions set forth.

**Country categories are updated according to the course of the cases in the respective countries.

Category A

Finland, South Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia

Category B

Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Vatican, San Marino, Rwanda, Uruguay, China, Singapore, Turkey, Greece, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Germany, Georgia, Estonia, Norway, Canada, Serbia, Taiwan*

*Passengers arriving from Taiwan are required to present a document in English stating that they were in Taiwan for the last 14 days

Category C

United States, Brazil, Argentina, Montenegro, Portugal, Luxembourg, Romania, India, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Iraq, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Malta, Croatia, Netherlands, Andorra, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Ukraine, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Monaco, Hungary, Slovenia, Czechia, Australia and all other countries.

  • Category B conditions apply to passengers from Category A arriving to the TRNC from Turkey.
  • As of October 20, 2020 (included), all passengers from Category B arriving to TRNC and staying for maximum 3 days are allowed to enter the country without a quarantine upon submitting a negative PCR test result and staying at a hotel or in a central isolation until the second PCR results are received
  • All passengers from Category B arriving to TRNC and staying for more than 3 days are subject to a 7-day quarantine (in a center specified by the Ministry of Finance and police and Ministry of Health officials are authorized to conduct inspections).
  • If officials traveling from/to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to/from Turkey complete their tasks within 72 hours by implementing the necessary measures, they are not taken into quarantine in the future people will be quarantined task completed with the condition to return to their countries by implementing the necessary measures within 72 hours.
  • Students arriving to the country for university education are subject to a 7-day isolation in dorms and hotels specified by the university.
  • The quarantine practices of those who have been to abroad for health purposes will be evaluated if they apply to the Ministry of Health.
  • All passengers from Category C are subject to a 14-day quarantine in centers specified.

PCR Test Rules 

  • All passengers from Category B and C are required to have taken a PCR test with a negative result within 0-120 hours prior to their flight and the document must be submitted to the officials at the entry to the TRNC. However, passengers from Category B are subject to a 7-day quarantine and all passengers from Category C are subject to a 14-day quarantine if they are staying for more than 3 days.
  • Passengers who do not present a negative PCR test result to the officials at the entry or passengers with PCR test results not obtained within 0-120 hours before the date of travel are not allowed to enter the TRNC.
  • Children between 0-5 years of age (including 5) are not required to submit a PCR test result.
  • PCR tests must be in Turkish or English.
  • Document showing the negative PCR test results of passengers arriving to TRNC from Turkey should have a QR code.
  • Passengers whose documents do not have a QR code are not permitted to enter the country and will be sent back.
  • To prevent any problems, the PCR test results are checked via the QR code by the airline company before the boarding starts.
  • If scanning of the QR code fails, the laboratory number on the document and the last 4 digits of the identity / passport number are entered to the COVID-19 test results unit on the e-Nabiz system.
  • Submitting QR-coded PCR test result is required for all passengers departing from Turkey. Passengers travelling from abroad (including Turkish citizens) as a transit are exempt from this application.
  • Please note that passengers departing from Turkey should have the print out of the QR-coded PCR test result document with them at the Ercan Airport and they should submit this document to the health workers upon arrival.

Test and quarantine fees 

  • Test and quarantine fees for 7 days: 2.255 TRY
  • Test and quarantine fees for 14 days: 4.110 TRY
Non-compliance with the specified conditions are subject to criminal proceedings initiated within the scope of the relevant articles of the Criminal Code and the Communicable Diseases Law.

You can visit the Ministry of Health News page to get updated information about Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus travel restrictions.

Travel around world

We advise you to review the travel restrictions applied by countries you are planning to travel to. Please review the travel news page provided by IATA for details. Please check the country-specific entry requirements of the country you are planning to travel to and review the passport, visa and health travel document requirements page.

The country you are traveling to may require a PCR test before your trip. You can examine the frequently asked questions about the PCR test on our what you should know during the pandemic page.

For Turkish citizens

We know you are eager to travel again and we are pleased to welcome you onboard, with an expanded number of international flights. The health and safety of our passengers is always our highest priority, and we are cooperating with the international authorities in implementing the most up-to-date hygiene protocols. 

Before planning your trip, please review this page for more information on the documents required by various countries for the entry of Turkish citizens.