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Happy World Pilots’ Day!

Our deepest respect to pilots gracing the skies

We proudly commemorate Turkey’s first pilot, Fesa Evrensev’s first flight on April 26,1912. We celebrate with joy the World Pilots’ Day of our pilots gracing the skies! 

As the airline operating between the most points of the world, we would like to thank our pilots carrying our passengers all around the World. We are very proud of our pilots as they successfully perform their duties that require great dedication.

26 April World Pilots’ Day

A legend in aviation history: Fesa Evrensev

Turkish Airlines' first general manager Fesan Evrensev was born in 1878 in Istanbul. After Galatasaray High School, Evrensev entered the Military Academy and graduated from there as a Cavalry Lieutenant

Passing the Pilot Exam being his class’ top student, Fesa Evrensev made his first flight on April 26,1912 as Turkey’s first pilot. He was appointed as the general manager of State Airlines Administration, which is known today as Turkish Airlines. Holding various positions in Turkish Aeronautical Association throughout his career, Fesa Evrensev engraved his name to Turkish aviation history.