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Turkish Airlines Career Path

Your career path

Here are the steps you need to take in order to grow and give direction to your career with “Europe’s Best Airline”, Turkish Airlines.

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Join Turkish Airlines

Join Turkish Airlines

Join us to benefit from all the opportunities Turkish Airlines offers its staff, enjoy a vibrant work environment, and become part of the ever-growing Turkish Airlines family.

Cockpit crew

Who wouldn’t want a job that qualified them to explore the world? Our pilots experience the freedom of the skies and get to explore different regions of the world while at work.

Turkish Airlines cockpit crews are recruited with care from all around the globe. We employ both young pilots from our in-house training program and experienced pilots from overseas.

We consider applications in four categories:

-First Officer
-Candidates for nomination as First Officer trainee
-SFI (Simulator Flight Instructor)

Pilot candidates can enter the selection procedure by completing an application in response to a posting on our website. When considering candidates for our pilot training program, along with the core criteria of foreign language knowledge, education, and age, we look for individuals with flying abilities who are also disciplined, responsible, and possess advanced skills of observance and decision making. Pilot candidates who meet all our criteria are accepted into an 18-24 month program, consisting of theory and practical lessons, which takes place at the Turkish Airlines flight academy or one belonging to one of our partners either at home or abroad.

Throughout their training, our pilot candidates are considered to be company employees and benefit from all the entitlements our other staff enjoy, which, depending on the training location, may also include accommodation. Candidates who successfully complete the training join our crews as First Officer nominees and are provided with the same social opportunities as our other employees. By responding to one of our postings and applying for our trainee pilot program, you, too, can take your place as a successful pilot of the future wityh an airline that is rapidly developing worldwide and has an increasing demand for qualified pilots.

Cabin crew

When you join the Turkish Airlines family as part of our cabin staff, you get to travel around the world while you are doing your job with the opportunity to have direct contact with our passengers as a representative of Turkish Airlines.

Our cabin crew take exceptional care of all our guests and carry important responsibilities with regard to safety. Employment opportunities are posted on our website at recruitment times in line with our continually evolving service network.

Flight attendant candidates undergo Basic Safety Training at the Turkish Airlines Flight Training Center. As part of Basic Safety Training, we offer our candidates mandatory technical training, practical training and information on company procedures and our service concep along with seminars and briefings.

Although working hours, shift duration, conditions, and opportunities for flight attendants differ significantly from those of other sectors, we expect all our cabin crew to do their jobs to the same high standards on every flight. We choose our cabin crews from individuals who are always well-presented, smart, friendly, polite, sympathetic, calm, people-focused, able to make decisions in challenging conditions, and have a high potential to be a good team player. For this reason, our cabin crews receive specific comprehensive training both prior to taking up their duties and throughout their professional life, receiving instruction that enables them to act in emergencies.

The highest standards of discipline are required in order to be a flight attendant with Turkish Airlines. However, it is also important to remember that while a career as a member of the cabin crew offers the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world, it also carries with it a much higher level of responsibility than many other jobs and involves non-standard working hours. Accordingly, flight attendant candidates undergo thorough training during the Basic Safety Training program in which they learn both the essentials of flight safety and the features of inflight service.

We provide this training to ensure that our guests are looked after with the utmost comfort and safety. Once they have received their flight certificates and have completed some practice flights, inflight attendants who have successfully completed their training go on to join the team of our ever-expanding flight network. We arrange our cabin crews' flight programs, shifts, and rest periods in accordance with the written directives of international and national civil aviation authorities.

Overseas office staff

We have sales offices in many cities and countries around the world. You, too, can apply to Turkish Airlines and become part of our fast-growing organization in the country where you live.

With flights to destinations all around the world, Turkish Airlines is on a mission to be the bridge between east and west and north to south. Those interested in working in one of our overseas offices can enter our candidate selection progress by applying via our website at recruitment times. We assess candidates according to our basic specifications as well as the qualities required for the particular job.

Administrative and technical staff

We are indebted to our administrative and technical staff for the quality of our flights and services. If you would like to join the Turkish Airlines family and become part of this large organization, please get in touch with us.

As well as our cabin and cockpit crews who work in the skies to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests and deliver them to their loved ones, our administrative and technical units play a major role in the smooth running of this large organization.

Technicians, office staff, specialists, and engineers are recruited when necessary, and if you are interested in a position in one of the administrative or technical units connected to our Head Office, you can apply via our website at recruitment times. During the recruitment process, we interview candidates to assess their competency and also apply written and verbal selection assessment methods.