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Off to snowy Rovaniemi: Must-see places in Rovaniemi

We have compiled a list of the best places in Rovaniemi for your visit. Explore Finnish culture and see the creatures of the northernmost part of the world. Unforgettable experiences await you at this winter wonderland.

1. Meet Father Christmas

This city has so much to offer, but the best time of year to plan a holiday is around Christmas time. Feel the Christmas spirit at the Father Christmas village. Take a look at the many exciting activities to try; Explore igloos (Eskimo houses), train at elf school and discover a time machine. You won’t believe how many beautiful sights there are to photograph at the Father Christmas Village. Check the list of places to photograph in Rovaniemi and at the village that we have prepared for you.

Some of the best restaurants are in this part of the city. Discover Finnish cuisine at the hotel restaurants and small local establishments of the Father Christmas Village. Book a hotel at Rovaniemi, which is largely popular due to the village and all the exciting activities on offer.

2. Discover natural wildlife

A 1-hour drive away from Romanievi lies the Ranua Wildlife Park, famously known as the northernmost Zoo in the world! View the wide range of animals roaming freely in their natural habitat. At Ranua Wildlife Park there are up to 50 different species of animals, such as bears, lynxes, foxes, oxen and polar bears.

3. Explore the historic Rovaniemi Church

People do not spend so much time in the city center as Many sights and places to discover, especially during the winter are situated outside of the Rovaniemi. In any case, it is well worth visiting the Rovaniemi Church when you drop by the city center. The original church was destroyed in 1944. The church was later renovated in 1950.

4. Get acquainted with Finnish culture at the museum

Arktikum, including bother the Artic Center and the Lapland Museum, was opened in 1992, was opened to honor the 75th Anniversary of the Independence of Finland. Visit this museum on your visit to Rovaniemi and soak in research on the history, culture, and life of the Arctic region.