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Best travel experiences for 2020!

New Year means a fresh start and our New Year’s resolutions are the things we wish to change, an attempt at change and bettering ourselves. We have compiled a list of some great ways for you to bring about change and experience new things in 2020! What can be better than traveling in the pursuit of change? Traveling to new places is the most eye-opening experience you can have. Unforgettable memories and moments await you; Here they are:

1. Discover underground cities!

Beneath the earth lies stories and mystery galore. Explore secret passageways, tunnels, and rooms which were dwelt by thousands of inhabitants. The world's most notable underground cities are as follows, Cappadocia (Derinkuyu) in Turkey, America's Portland (the Shanghai Tunnels), Edinburgh in the United Kingdom (Edinburgh Cellars), Beijing (Dixia Cheng), in China, Krakow (Wieliczka Salt Mine) in Poland, the Czech Republic Plzeň (Pilsen historic underground tunnels) and the Moose Jaw (Moose Jaw tunnels) in Canada.

2. Walk on the Great Wall of China!

Walking on the Great Wall of China, one of the most spectacular structures in the world is bound to be an unforgettable experience. The world's longest defensive wall, The Great Wall of China, begins at the Seacoast and covers many regions, including Beijing. Book a flight to Beijing and discover new terrain at the Great Wall of China.

3. Enjoy views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower!

The Eiffel tower is a must-see on a trip to Paris. Patiently wait out the queues, it will be worth it for the glorious views. Check our Paris city guide and discover what else the city has to offer.

4. Stay at a bungalow on a tropical island!

The Bahamas, Bora Bora, the Maldives… Make your dreams come true and watch the stars twinkle in the sky as you hover above azure seas in raised bungalow rooms. Wake up to the sound of waves lapping against the sandy shores.

5. A contest that may seem strange at first!

All over the world, many competitions focus solely on entertainment. Such contests, especially local events, will give you some funny memories to look back on. Formulaz, a board car race held in Rize, Turkey, or the imaginary guitar competition in Oulu, Finland to mention a few.

6. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain!

It is customary to throw coins into the Trevi Fountain, a landmark of Rome. It is believed that those who turn their backs and throw money over their shoulders into the fountain are fated to return to Rome. If you want to return Rome, follow the tradition and book another flight to Rome now!

7. Go on a hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia!

Imagine watching the sunrise over Cappadocia as you drift peacefully across the sky in a hot air balloon. For this incredible experience, all you need to do is book a flight to Nevsehir or book a flight to Kayseri.

8. See the Northern Lights!

With a bit of luck and patience, the Northern Lights may reveal itself to you. You can catch the spectacular natural light show at locations like Rovaniemi, Tromso, Reykjavik. Read our article for more detailed information.

9. Enjoy views from the London Eye!

You don’t just take a photo when you visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Trevi Fountain in Rome, nor the iconic London Eye in London. Take a ride on the giant Ferris wheel and view the most beautiful buildings in London, even if it means that you have to wait in a queue. See our London city guide for more information.

10. Bathe in the Niagara Falls!

The Niagara Falls was formed thousands of years ago by depressions caused by ice floes from the Arctic resulting in sheer magnificence. It’s not just a sight to behold, you can also bathe in the water. If you're brave enough to bathe in ice-cold water, book a flight to New York and hit the road. Find out other enjoyable things to do in the city after you visit the Niagara Falls.

11. Ski down the Alps!

Ski down the Alps, mountains which span much of Switzerland, Northern Italy, and France, and live one of the most enjoyable travel experiences of all time.

12. Watch an Opera in Sydney!

Watch world-renowned performances of culture and art, at the homeland of Opera, The Sydney Opera House. Don't forget to take a photo in front of the charming Opera House, which is also an Australian landmark.

13. Safari in the desert!

For those who seek a unique and adventure-filled travel experience, a safari in the desert is the perfect option. Hop in a jeep or on a camel and try local delicacies in Bedouin camps in the desert of Arabia in the United Arab Emirates, in the Wahiba Desert in Oman, in the Tar Desert in India and the Sahara Desert in Egypt.

14. Explore the Grand Canyon!

One of the most dazzling canyons in the world, The Grand Canyon, is located in the State of Arizona in the United States and a must-see location. Tour the incredible canyon which showcases the great geological colors and erosional forms.

15. Watch the sunset in Santorini!

Watch the Santorini sunset, where White Houses meet with azure sky. You may recognize this image from social media, which is usually captured in the summertime as the crimson sun is touching the harmonious blue and white backdrop of the sky.

16. A gondola tour in Venice!

Venice, one of Italy's most beautiful cities is comprised of 118 islands connected by canals and bridges. This astounding geographical feature makes for a great travel experience. Go on a gondola tour on the canals and view all the historical beauty of this special city.