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Our journal is full of fascinating topics and life tips. There you can discover the most visited places, better ways to pack for your journey and what delicious foods there are in store. Put your feet up and peruse the interesting articles in our journal.

The most delicious flavors of the world always with you!

Turkish Airlines offers the most delicious flavors of Turkish and world cuisine with care to its passengers both on board and before or after your flight. From flying chefs to Lounge İstanbul, from exclusive dishes served to some of our passengers to gastronomic events sponsored by us, we always support Turkish and world cuisine.

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Short city breaks are the latest trend

A weekend escape, for those that work, is a refreshing alternative, as you end up going on holiday more often and you don’t use up all your holiday allowance! We fly to the most beautiful cities in the world, and it only takes 4 hours.

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The cities, we flew most in 2018

We fly to more countries than any other airline in the world. Millions of passengers have easily reached hundreds of destinations in 2018, most or little-known cities of the world.

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The best European cities to visit with your children during semester break

In semester break, many families prefer to spend their holiday in child-friendly hotels instead of overseas tours. There are many opportunities in Europe for children to travel and learn at the same time. We have listed the best European cities to visit with your children during semester break between 21 January 2018 - 01 February 2019 this year.

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Best places to spend New Year's Eve in Europe

We have compiled for you the most beautiful cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe and the best addresses for Christmas Markets in Europe.

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Cities that guarantee you more Instagram likes

We have compiled a list of the most shared cities on Instagram, that will get you record-breaking likes.

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The Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup 2019

Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup has begun. The Grand Final winners are going to compete with world-leading golfers at the Turkish Airlines Open finale.

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