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Af Tower, Fethiye

At Af Tower, named after the Af Tower Monastery, which is carved into rocks, swim amongst the fishes at this spectacular diving spot. Dive with a flashlight to enjoy the sights and colors of coral, shrimp and anemone.

Af Tower is one of two great diving sites in Fethiye along with Aquarium Bay. Af Tower, is one of the best and safest diving spots in Turkey. Suitable for more experienced divers, you can see plenty of sea creatures at Af Tower.

Nestled between two steep mountain slopes, emerged in beautiful blue water, Af Tower contains two caves. The dive usually begins from the entrance of deeper cave. You will see many types of fish emerging from the hollows in a cave that extends up to 7 meters; Plenty of groupers and streams of Brown meager. As you swim you enter the second cave through a large opening. This cave is known as Turkish Bath, the great walls are lined with red anemone. Light streams through the top of the 6-meter-deep cave. We recommend that you visit this cave on less windy days.

To explore caves and marvel at the beautiful light streams that bounce on the water at Af Tower, book a flight to Dalaman.

If you are a Professional diver and want a cave diving adventure, then Af Tower is for you.

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