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Bubble Cave, Bodrum

Bodrum, is renowned for its beautiful clear seawaters and as a diving tourism spot in Turkey. Therefore, there are plenty of experienced trainers, plush boats, and a variety of diving sites. The Bubble Cave is one of the best diving spots in Bodrum.

The Bubble Cave which is 40 minutes away from Bodrum marina is situated behind Karaada. This area is home to two underwater caves and medium-sized space where divers can enter at 12 meters depth and exit from a depth of 4 meters. One cave is 15 meter’s deep and has a narrow opening. The second cave, that lies 20-30 meters away, is easier to access. At the top of the Bubble Cave, you can swim up to 6 meters through a 1-meter diameter opening. You will want to dive here just to see the beautiful sight of the bubbles that rise from your regulator and disperse into the cracks of the cave.

In the cave pockets, you will see scorpionfish, slipper lobster, and red lobsters amongst the magical color combination of oranges and purples, and on the front of the cave, at around 25 meters, you may come across larger grouper fish.

The Bubble Cave is ideal for both experienced and less-experienced divers. For an unforgettable diving experience Book a flight to Bodrum.

Bubble Cave offers an enthralling journey for dive enthusiasts, with a variety of sea creatures in an amazing underwater cave.

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