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Deli Mehmet, Ayvalık

Turkey’s Deli Mehmet diving site is favored by many local and foreign divers for its red coral reefs and beautiful scenery.

Ayvalık, a beautiful location on the North Aegean coast, has a variety of diving spots and islands, making it a popular spot for divers. Deli Mehmet is one of the best diving spots in Ayvalık with two underwater islands. One of them, Deli Mehmet 1, is 18-70 meters deep and favored by intermediate divers. The second island, Deli Mehmet 2, is 27-70 meters deep. Unlike Deli Mehmet 1, this is preferred by professional divers. There are stunning coral reefs and gorgons from 27 meters up to 50 meters. You can see the red corals, yellow gorgon trees on each island, and swim with moray eels, insects and a variety of colorful fish. Other species you can see in Deli Mehmet are scampi, anthias fish, grouper, octopus, conger eel, rockling and bream.

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Deli Mehmet is one of the world’s best diving sites where you can swim with all kinds of sea creatures.

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