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Flying Fish Reef, Kaş

Kaş is one of the best diving spots in the World, with historical wrecks and ruins in a spectacular underwater environment. Flying Fish reef is a must-see for local and foreign divers.

There are two great diving sites in Kaş. One is Canyon, the other is Flying Fish Reef. Flying Fish is named after an Italian fighter jet, that was gunned down while Meis was being bombed during World War II.

You can find the wreckage of the Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM79 model, nicknamed the Sparviero-atca, a 3-propeller aircraft, in the depths of the see from 50-70 meters. The top of the flying fish is 6-7 meters, and the depth is 75 meters long. Underwater viewing distance is usually 30 meters and above. The temperature of the water is 17-18 degrees in winter and 25 degrees in summer.

As there are strong currents, Flying Fish Reef is optimal for professional divers. If you are a beginner, it may be worth diving with an experience diver at Flying Fish. Due to the strong currents it is possible to see a wide variety of sea creatures. From groupers, to bream, and swarms of leer fish. You may even come across a stingray or a karetta karetta.

For a spectacular diving experience through a fighter jet wreckage with beautiful sea creatures you can book a flight to Dalaman or book a flight to Antalya.

If you are looking for an underwater adventure, then Flying Fish Reef is for you.

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