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Saros, Çanakkale

Saros Bay is a rare gem, as it has a self-cleaning sea, and a hot spot for divers as it is home to plenty of sea creatures.

As Saros Bay has excessive sea currents, and is untouched by a large population and industrialization, it is one of the cleanest, purest parts of the Aegean Sea, that self-cleans three times a year; It rids itself of waste through currents and the mixture of warm and cold water.

There are over 200 different sea species in the bay, such as: sea insects, lobsters, star fish and sea snails. There is also a large number of diving sites: İbrice Port, Cennet, Cehennem, Toplar Burnu, Asker Taşı, Üç adalar, Kömür Harbour, Bebek and Minnoş Kayalıkları. Minnoş kayalıkları is the most well-known of the bunch. Approximately 15 meters above sea level, the cliffs have colorful rocks (kayalıklar). After the first few meters, you can see the dolphins and turtles and dive past orange corals. At the end of the cliff, you may encounter angler fish and huge stingrays.

Saroz Bay is also home to shipwrecks. One of them is the 1908-built Lundy Shipwreck that weighs 188 tons. This shipwreck is located at Suvla Bay, south of Saros Bay. The ship's silhouette appears after 13 meters and after 18 meters you can walk around the captain’s hull and watch the bream swim around the deck. Where the ship meets the sand you can find lots of lobsters and leer fish.

The latest wreck of Saros Bay in the Airbus A330 plane, which sunk in March, and will be available for viewing from the summer of 2019.

Saros Bay is a great diving spot for shipwrecks and colorful fauna. For an unforgettable diving experience, book a flight to Çanakkale.

Dive in the clear blue self-cleaning waters.

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